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Over the weekend, the social networking website Twitter. The drama began unfolding on Saturday Aug. Apparently, a mentally challenged woman who calls herself Kat Stacks sent private messages to Carmelo, who then Chikfila girl in Melo in kind. Maybe 'Melo didn't realize who iHateKatStacks was and that she would make his private tweets public. In a panic, Carmelo tweeted the "hit" to his Twitter followers in an overblown macho attempt to prove to his wife that he wanted no parts of the Stack -- and that he was even willing to have the troubled woman roughed up to protect his marriage.

Not surprisingly, the tweets and the photo Chikfila girl in Melo disappeared from his account followed by a tweet from Carmelo yesterday claiming his Twitter page had been hacked. He also stated he was in China -- as if he had no way of tweeting from China. We would probably be inclined to believe him were it not for the fact that his wife, LaLa Vazquez lalaco-signed everything he tweeted on Saturday!

As you recall, Carmelo has been accused of stepping out on his wife when she was just his baby mama. LaLa's tweets supporting her husband's show of bully machismo have now disappeared from her Twitter account, though she doesn't claim that hear account was hacked.

In the interest of fairness, I should point out that LaLa's people contacted Sandrarose. They did not say what that capacity was. Only that LaLa herself asked them to contact us. I'm with you Sandra don't believe everything you read on a blog. I can't believe this dumb ass Chikfila girl in Melo girl has gotten to everybody. All she is doing is encouraging other chicken heads to do the same thing to get to the celebrities and to become an instant celebrity. Seriously post that shyt on Twitter???

You are as 'delayed' as I thought you looked, Melo! How do people catch these celebs acting out before they delete the tweets? I think he sent the tweets at 3: Lala also addressed the mentally challenged and told her something to the effect "I'm gonna tell you this ONE time, don't try me".

I just dont know why these folks even acknowledge Kat Stacks. Or would that bring too many: What I don't understand is, after Slut in Kaunas the drama with that girl, why do these stupid dudes continue to entertain this chick? Like they keep getting caught up and then want to blame here. Celebs need to get off of twitter cuz they seem to have no clue of what is appropriate and what's not.

Flobetter question Chikfila girl in Melo are the celebs actually sleeping with her? Have you seen her video of her and Soulja Boy in a Chikfila girl in Melo room together? Chikfila girl in Melo goot him on camera looking like a cot-dayum fool.

That Chikfila girl in Melo knew he was in a world of trouble and deleted it, then talking about it was hacked. Chikfila girl in Melo you don't want to get caught up don't do it. Ain't that what all the famous twitter users say when they need to backpeddle away Chikfila girl in Melo their questionable tweets?

I just asked Chikfila girl in Melo question last week: Why is he even on twitter? Married with very active children, ain't nobody checking for him. It's about time hoe's are being put in their place.

Make an example out of one and the rest shall fall in place. I bet none of them hoe's try and mess with LaLa and her man again They are stupid - and so is Twitter and Melo is into lil china boyz now. Why don't celebrities ignore the foolishness She did an interview and Nelly called in an said Chikfila girl in Melo you slept with me, prove it This time she wanted to get it right I just don't get why people still fux with Rat Stacks CHB, bish had all her facts straight that time!!!! But didnt I see a video of her being punked by two females??

They made her "promise" she wasnt gonna do hoeshyt anymore. Auntie didn't mention what started the whole thing Thats when Lala told her "don't test me" and the reset is history. OMG, my account was hacked. That video was about Bow wow and them making her say, she didn't sleep with him and a whole bunch of other bull.

Melo better hope no one takes him up on the offer. I read about this yesterday and many people were saying they would jack Kat up for free. He and Lala and then Kelly, who added her. They know she's mental, messy, and scandalous. You play with fire, you get burnt. I thought Lala and Melo had better sense than that. Lala doesn't play either. I remember that vid of her going off on that fan when they were attacking her and her son. I saw it on crunktastical. Top of the day to everyone That Idslapkatstacks for TT had me dyin!!!

Folks went in on this human mattress. Choco - Hey Choco. It was all over the Net last week. The blogs, Twitter and FB have been a mess lately. Celebs and regular folk been actin a straight fool.

Has the Taliban infiltrated the water system or something? Her voice is the equivalent of scraping stainless steel kitchen utensils across a blackboard. Like what is she saying? She wants to fight a mentally ill woman that I'm sure her man doesn't want? Lala getting involved in that foolishness really threw me for a loop. Just proves I know absolutley nothing about these people. His account wasn't hacked imo but I wish somebody would get that bish to shutup already and go somewhere smdh.

In the video they bullied her and then gave her a ride home. I actually felt sorry for her. Choco, things are A LOT better!!!!!! Come to find out, the noises I was hearing was the neighbors dog on the stairs. Not my heaven sent Pillowtop Sealy Serta. That's how everyone gets caught up. She does seem like a cool fun chick. Next thing you know, she postin videos and Chikfila girl in Melo about some chit you did to her after gettin drunk.

What a complete dumb ass!! He just put someones life in danger and now it is in black and white Get a journal stoopid. This child at least wears protection if all these conquests are true. Someone prolly saw the tweets of La La and took it a step further. It's not like Kat ain't got enemies out there. I keeping wondering when Kat Stacks is going to reveal "herself" as a transexual because it's hard to believe "she" was born a woman. Even the boobs look real Chikfila girl in Melo like a man would have.

If "she" ever reveals that, talk about trouble. Uhhnnnn you nasty if doing skanks just for fun. I don't think it starts out with the agenda of fuggin Kat Stacks.

She just seems like she's cool with a good sense of humor who doesn't take herself too seriously. Next thing you know, Chikfila girl in Melo talkin bout she down for "whatever" and you headed back to the Hotel room and chit.

Somebody had to call time Chikfila girl in Melo death on me the day I read that. I hate being around people that lie for no reason.

Mel Gibson called his wife a tranny because he said something like this: She just seems cool. Like she'd say or do anything.


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