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Abu Dhabi Printable View. Show post s from this thread on one page Page 1 of 6 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: Please select "Add New Report" to begin this section. Thanks Jackson, For adding this page from all accounts Abu Dhabi is the next Dubai, have heard very good reports on Al Ain Palace and the Rotana beach club is supposed to be a good bet.

Anyway I arrive Friday for about a month so I should be able to to give some good input to this location, last time I was there which is a few years back the Zakheer tower was the place for Russians. The other option you had was to stand at the rear of the cinema on Electra street close to the road a taxi would go by checking you out then round the block and stop again in front of you, sometimes there was a chick in the back seat other times he would offer to get one for you. May the force be with you.

LukeSkyWanker, The situation in Abu Dhabi indeed has improved considerably since my first visit there about seven years ago. It used to be bone dry. In addition to the places you mentioned, one can find loads of Chinese ladies at the Blitz disco at the Novotel, which fires up about 10 p. The quality can be quite variable, and the girls rather aggressive.

I've heard Russian girls can be found there also, but in my experience the place has been exclusively Chinese. I've also had some great semipro experiences at the basement bar in the Crowne Plaza Hotel Heroes. One was a Thai chick in AD visiting her sister, who was married to a Brit working there. The other was a Chinese who has since become a regular for me and gave me a freebie on my last pass through town.

I was there last year for 3 days, I found some interresting action there, with some choice. If you are willing to spend big big bucks you can go at Le meridien where there is expensive FL, they are generaly after the rich arabs who play whith their mobile phone with the right hand and scrotch their right foot with the left Fit and fuckable women in Abu Dhabi in front of a bottle of sky.

Not the new Le meridien grand on the corniche, but the old one at the junction of Zayeb 2nd and electra st, cannot miss it there is a huge round about with a big funtain in the middle, the hotel facing Zayeb 2nd street. When you are back at the hotel up on the left side of Zayeb 2nd you will see the Pionneer club sign with a "cowboy", this is where to go for P4P, russians, chinese and african girls.

I heard about another club in the same area named Gauloise, but hadn't been there. Abu Dhabi is great place for hunting. Look at the attached map and you will find some examples: Al Ain Palace Hotel. Enter the hotel lobby, turn to the right, and you will find a pub with plenty of ladies. Late in the evening, plenty girls are available in the disco. Health Center in a hotel building. Chinese girls giving massage 60 dhsand HJ dhsand their telephone number! Local Nightclub floor ? Mainly for local gentlemen and CIS ladies chasing rich Arabs.

But for a foreigner, it is a OK place to listen to music and study the special chasing game. Same building, but another entrance floor 4? Next to the Novotel Hotel. CIS and Chinese girls. Chinese, CIS and African ladies. Abu Dhabi Grand Hotel. Good-looking girls available, but expensive.

Having fun in Abu Dhabi Aly Pally is heaving with pussy but a lot are below par, will post full reports this Friday. I'm spending some Fit and fuckable women in Abu Dhabi in Abu Dhabi on business.

It has been a number of years since I've been here and things have certainly changed for the better. There are many hotel bars with available women. Generally in my prowling it has been Fit and fuckable women in Abu Dhabi pub, or the sports bar, whatever the most informal bar is. This is not Fit and fuckable women in Abu Dhabi, at least as far as I have been able to determine. The majority of the available women seem to be Chinese or African.

The going rate seems to be about Dirham for a short time and AED for all night. They vary from hotties with the hooker look to obvious shop girl types. I've tried to bargain with Local slut in Aland few, even waiting until late and it looks like the lady in question will not be booked that night, but I've found little price flexibility. After a few nights of calibrating the market without actually closing a deal I got more serious.

My preference is to find a girl with a nice personality and book her multiple times. In my mind this produces the best over all experience. I have found a nice young 20's African girl and met with her twice.

She actually works a day job so the all nighters need to be phased to accommodate both our working schedules.

So far it's been pretty much a GFE. She's actually planning on cooking a dinner for me on the local weekend. Sex has all been protected except for my DATY sessions, which really seem to drive her wild. I'll be keeping her the rest of the week but next week may switch to a Chinese girl just to see how Fit and fuckable women in Abu Dhabi are here in Abu Dhabi.

I have some pics but can probably get some better ones so I'll wait to post those. Anyone who wants to send a private message with suggestions for me or questions of me is certainly welcome.

Hi all, Time is again limited so only a brief report, The visa changes here in the UAE have quietened things down considerably on the Chinese front there is currently a mass exodus of chinese hookers Fit and fuckable women in Abu Dhabi home. Most appear to leave via Sharjah I think China airlines possibly use Sharjah airport, Last night was pretty quiet which should have been the busiest night of the week, tried all the usual spots 49rs, Al ain palace, Blitz, Galoises and Howard Johnson.

Prices are a little higher aed normal prices elsewhere are aed, Al ain palace opens at I will PM details to anyone who is a member of the forum I don't want to close it down. The price is aed for an hour of real massage which is truly very good followed by the baby oil knuckle shuffle which will have you squirming violently I tipped 50aed she offered to come to my hotel anytime in the future.

There is a bird in the disco Blitz who comes from Uzbeckistan who whilst not stunning is always in big demand she tries for aed but usually goes for I got talking to an ex punter she had and he was saving his money for a return match will try and report later. I agree with Luke that last night was quiet and I was surprised. I visited my usual most productive place and saw one lone Chinese shop girl, smiling at everyone as they came in.

She was a charitable 3 and went unclaimed all night. Late in the evening a group of Africans showed up ready to play. Several Chinese drifted in and out on the arms of customers, as in already booked. I asked the doorman at the bar, why so quiet tonight. The answer was a shrug. Hi, I'd appreciate any phone numbers with the description of girl, services and price. Please Fit and fuckable women in Abu Dhabi me a message.

Also, any recommendations on a hotel which is girl friendly or has services readily available, either Fit and fuckable women in Abu Dhabi or on nearby. Hi Fit and fuckable women in Abu Dhabi, Quiet again last night Chinese contingent much less as I stated before, Abu Dhabi grand is a good hotel well located and no problems with overnight squatters. The Howard Johnson cellar bar is a good early evening drinking spot very homely sometimes a couple of girls inside but not always most guys use this bar with their chinese girlfriends good food also available.

The best place for guaranteed sucess at the moment is Blitz disco quality varied but a gem can usually be found do not pay more than for all night. If I was coming here for a first time the best plan of attack is to circulate the bars chatting to anything that looks OK collect mobile phone numbers they are always freely given then when you fell like a massage Fit and fuckable women in Abu Dhabi call one, I have never paid more than for a daytime punt.

The Uzbek girl I spoke of earlier appears to have also been victim to the visa renewal exodus. Anyone wanting more specific info PM me. May the force be with you or Viagra and Ciallis can be bought here for aed for 4 Chemist opposite Howard Johnson.

I'm back in the States now but I'll be returning to Abu Dhabi in a few weeks and am looking for some advice Singles sex in Limerick Luke and others on maximizing the bang for the buck. This was true for Chinese and Africans ranging from obviously flawed to pretty hot. These were all for first time experiences with the ladies in question.

I also mentioned that I hooked up with a very nice African girl and got into an every night thing for almost two weeks. After the first night we settled on a weekly rate Fit and fuckable women in Abu Dhabi AED for the whole week.

Fit and fuckable women in Abu Dhabi call me every evening, I'd tell her when to appear in my room, and she'd Fit and fuckable women in Abu Dhabi until morning. Is their any special technique you use? I certainly try to negotiate everything before I pull a girl. I'm actually in their prime demographic, a nice clean older guy who doesn't look like trouble!

What am I missing here? How do I maximize Fit and fuckable women in Abu Dhabi bang for the buck? Scene in Abu Dhabi is not as good as Dubai. But something is better than nothing at all.

Many of them have their own flats. Chiene will not mind staying till morning but CIS mostly will push off after a short time although you might have agreed for a full night. The going rate could be onwards for full night for CIS and Chinese may even come for if you bargain very Mature sex mates in Timmiarmiut. But offcourse service will differ with the amount.

I've been back in Abu Dhabi for several days now.


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