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The kingdom Mohammed bin Salman, 32, essentially rules—as iron-fisted regent of his ailing, year-old father, King Salman—defines frenemy. He is in the United States to sell skeptical Americans on his audacious, risky plan to modernize Saudi Arabia and reassert its primacy in the Middle East.

He has used his ascendancy to introduce modest liberalization and sharply escalate a wide-ranging proxy war with Iran across the region. And he proposes to wean the kingdom off oil exports and diversify its economy for a post-petroleum future. He laid out his ambitions for the Saudi economy all the while portraying himself as a man in a hurry. When I Free sex ads in Saudi Arabia to think about doing a tour, Free sex ads in Saudi Arabia had a plan for Saudi Arabia.

And we do whatever we should do to deliver and implement these plans. And to implement what we are doing, we have to have a lot of partners around the world.

The United States of America is one of our oldest allies in the whole world, and we are the oldest ally of the United States of America in the Middle East. And the economic relationship between both countries is very deep. You spent some time in Washington. It seems like you have a pretty good personal relationship with the President and his family.

Of course we have a good relationship with President Trump, with his team, with his family, with all the key people in his administration, and also we have a very good relationship with many members of Congress from both parties and a Free sex ads in Saudi Arabia of people in the United States of America. And everyone believes in the importance of both countries to face the dangers facing us and also to continue growing and getting a better future for both countries.

Coming off of the previous administration, things had gotten pretty thorny at the end, specifically about the Yemen conflict. So we worked together to fight terrorism with President Obama in the beginning of we had the same views of the Iranian regime and the danger of the Iranian regime.

The only difference was in the tactics of how we should deal with that evil narrative of the Iranian regime. We are aligned 99 percent. The difference is only 1 percent. But, you know, people try to focus on the 1 percent and avoid the 99 percent that we agreed on. You brought up Iran. And he shares a Sex personals in Cologne of the views that you have specifically on Iran.

What was your response was when he was named? Well, we deal with the United States of America, whoever represents America, we will work with him. And we believe that our interest is aligned with those American interests.

And I believe we can, we work with him of course. But of course we will support him. And we believe that Saudi Arabia until today used only 10 percent of its capacity, and we have 90 percent to go. So the plans and the vision is shaped around this missing 90 percent: How can we implement it as much, as soon as possible. And we are shaping our plan based on our strength.

Not trying to copy things. We are not trying to build a Silicon Valley. This is not true. We are shaping our economy based on our strengths: We have a lot of gas explorations in the Red Sea, we have local content, balance of payment. The plan is to spend half of it in Saudi Arabia. We have many programs to do this. We will invest half of this money to empower Saudi Arabia, and the other 50 percent we will invest it abroad to be sure that we are part of the emerging sectors around the world.

How much of your challenge is putting investment in the right places, and how much of it is changing the nature of education in Saudi Arabia and of cultural expectations around who does the work? We are ranked 41 among education systems around the world. France is ranked 40, so we are almost like France, as Web online dating services the quality of the education system.

And no big country or big economy can be among the top Because if you see the top 10 best education systems, you will see Singapore and you will see small countries that they can easily focus on their education system. But our ambition is not to continue to be next to France. Our ambition is to be in the top 30 to 20 in the next coming years. Especially the method of education is changing in the world. So we are working on that.

We want to be in a better position in the next 12 years. This is talking about education. In terms of culture and social aspects: We want to drive the best talent, to get the best talent to live and come abroad to work in Saudi Arabia, you have to have good social and cultural standards. You cannot have bad livability standards and cultural standards if you want to grow and to be much bigger economically.

So this is a very important thing that we are trying to improve. And I believe in the last three years, Saudi Arabia did more than in the last 30 years. So we are working hard in this area and we are trying to do our best.

We have more than 10 million foreigners in Saudi Arabia, most of them working and others families of those employees. And we believe it will not decrease, it will increase because we believe Saudi Arabia for its ambition it needs a lot of human resource and human power, so a lot of jobs will be created for Saudis and for foreign people to deliver what we are trying to build in Saudi Arabia.

The Islam you describe is not necessarily the one that everyone associates with your country. You see the idea that the first Saudi Arabia tried to tackle. In the first Saudi Arabia, they are trying to let people not worship a palm tree, to worship god, because at that time people were worshipping a palm tree to have a kid.

So I believe we can do it very fast. We are not wasting time. We want to do it now. We want to spend 70 percent of our time building things, improving our economy, creating jobs, creating new things, making things happen. Do you see it being dangerous in any way for your own well-being in terms of trying to make that break from the Wahhabists? Because there is nothing called Wahhabist. So I need someone to explain to Free sex ads in Saudi Arabia what are the Free sex ads in Saudi Arabia of Wahhabism.

There is nothing called Wahhabist. In Saudi Arabia we have Sunni and Shiite sects. We have four schools of thought of Sunni, we have a lot of schools of thought of Shiite, and they are living normally in Saudi Arabia. They are living as Saudis in Saudi Arabia. These laws do not specify any one specific sect or school of thought. Free sex ads in Saudi Arabia is member of the cabinet, the council of ministers in Saudi Arabia who is Shiite.

There are members of the parliament who are Shiite. Extremists who want Saudi Arabia to be hijacked by the idea that they are not promoting something new, that they wanted something old, that this is the foundation of Free sex ads in Saudi Arabia Arabia so we have to stick to it.

So this is one. Two, by the Iranian regime to isolate us from the whole Muslim world by claiming that we are coming with a different sect in Saudi Arabia. We Free sex ads in Saudi Arabia this mix of different Free sex ads in Saudi Arabia in Saudi Arabia. We are doing the right things.

Second, what we are doing is in the interest of the whole people and public. And the majority of humans, the big majority of humans, they are realistic. And of course if we work well, people understand that. Actually we thought it would take more than 10 years to do it. But why we do it in three years? Because people support the movement. The last national day.

And the national day, the people are seen and we have millions in the street celebrating the national day. Without the support of the people, no way, no way we would achieve anything. Can you see the country progressing to less than an absolute monarchy in the future? What we should focus on is the end, not the means, and these ends are the rule of law, freedom of speech, freedom to work and security.

These are the ends that everyone agrees on, that we agree on in Saudi Arabia in our own way. We should take the means that get us to this end. Three hundred years who helped in the independence of America? It was the absolute monarchy of France. Without their help, this will be a different country, different area, different history.

So what we should focus on in any kind of regime that it could be a risk for the United States of America, like the Soviet Union, then Free sex ads in Saudi Arabia have to deal with it. You not only represent the skipping a generation, but Free sex ads in Saudi Arabia only one family. So it looks to people like you might be more precarious, maybe less stable.


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