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Wir reiten den Goldbullen! The party pooping reality is that the DOW is now set up for the biggest fall in the history of Wall Street. Gold has finally achieved a dignified serenity and continues to glide upwards, un-phased and unimpressed by the drunken revelry surrounding it.

There is no looking back for gold now. Just make sure that yours is not in ETF's or stored in banks. That will all be confiscated. There can be no doubt about that any longer Monday, September 22,2: But Schultz also warned: In fact, we could see a mad dash for the U. US dollar set to be major casualty of Hank Paulson's bailout http: However, with the euro area facing its own economic and financial crises, Fwb personals in Takeo looks unlikely to be able to step into the breach.

This helps explain the leap yesterday in gold http: Central banks may be starting to turn to one of the few assets in which they can invest: Turbulence in the financial markets and recent U. This is a marked change from a decade ago, when 14 European central banks decided to reduce their gold holdings in an orderly fashion.

They signed a pact to sell no more than an agreed sum between them each year. In addition, the U. The Austrian central bank said in a recent report that the surge in gold prices and "the concomitant depreciation of the U. Investing in Gold a Win-Win http: Tuesday, September 23,1: Bailout will discredit all currencies, help gold, Tocqueville's Hathaway says Submitted by cpowell on Tue, It's the point of no return," Hathaway said Monday in an interview in New York, where the fund is based.

They'll have no choice. There's no paper standard to measure it against, which is why this is coming down to gold. So too has investors' belief that the government can successfully repair the damage, he said. Before the recent financial turmoil, most people would have accepted "the mythology" that there were "smart guys in the Fed, the Treasury, and other central banks who will sort this out,": Everywhere you look, it's so transparent, they're panicking, they're making it up as they go along.

The bailout plan is unlikely to work and the global economy will take the hit, he predicted. The fact that the rules on Fwb personals in Takeo are changing nearly daily, with new names added to the Fwb personals in Takeo of securities in which short-selling is banned or with specific rules regarding hedging and confidentiality contributes Fwb personals in Takeo adding uncertainty, he said. The problem is also exacerbated by the fact that nobody knows how long the emergency measure will last or what is next.

It creates even more uncertainty in the market place when you continually change the rules," Faber said. Spun Green II http: Originally Posted by fat panther http: As a "metal head" what do I take from this ratio other than; do I invest in Dow Industrials, or do I invest in gold?

TIA A good question, because when something seems apparently overbought in relationship to something else, perhaps it is the time to buy the counter-trend. But look at Fwb personals in Takeo this way. Gold is really cheap. Why do I say that? Let's compare with period, which was like now a period of Fwb personals in Takeo and increasing inflation, a recognized energy crisis, and widely viewed failure of political leadership.

But there are great differences between then and now. What was perceived then as an insurmountable crisis proved itself, thanks to Paul Volcker and the President who appointed him, Jimmy Carter to be quite manageable.

Raise interest rates through the roof, strengthen the dollar and kill consumption demand for commodities and you're home free. Negative effects of said policy? Anybody think that would all work again? I can't hear you! I think such a course of action now would send the vast majority of Americans into bankruptcy within a couple years time So what was the price Fwb personals in Takeo Gold back then, when everybody thought there was in insolvable crisis.

How much was a house worth? A very fair comparison as both periods are clearly defined real estate peaks. So that's more than 4 times my dollars. How about the price of oil. That's a fair comparison as both periods are acknowledged as being a period of energy crisis.

So oil also is now more than 4 times dollars. However that can't really be the Fwb personals in Takeo price because in my opinion today's crisis has no remedy defined as being an acceptably tolerable way outwhereas the previous "crisis" was taken care of Oral sex in Tetovo handily.

In my opinion way more. Trotzdem werde laufend Gold verkauft. Auf einem wahren Goldberg festsitzen. Wednesday, September 24,1: Gold Futures contracts are being settled in cash only, he said, rather than with physical metal, leaving would-be buyers without the metal they want. Central banks have also been keeping hold of their gold, despite the recent near-record prices.

The 15 members of Europe's Central Bank Gold Fwb personals in Takeo can sell up to tonnes per year between them in total. But the current year of the Agreement, due to end this Friday Sept. The average sale since the Agreement Fwb personals in Takeo first signed in Sept. Meantime in the active gold markets of Dubai and the Far East, dealers continue to report physical shortages. Reports have come from a London source that gold futures contracts are being settled in cash only at the Fwb personals in Takeo, rather than with physical gold metal.

That leaves would-be buyers without the metal they wish to take on delivery under contract. Rumour of Comex gold default http: The second gold contract is the mini gold contract, which is These and only these contracts are cash settled, not the full sized Comex gold contract. If there has indeed been a change in the specifications of that contract, I believe the exchange would have let it be known clearly.

So far I see no evidence of that If I do find out that a change Fwb personals in Takeo been made, I will let it be known to the community of readers. For now, it is business as usual with that contract and buyers may take First date then in Bosnia and Herzegovina of physical gold if they prefer.

Silver Shorts WSJ and good coffee http: If the value of money rises, then commodities like gold will Fwb personals in Takeo gold dropped from to in the same period, crude droppped from to Thats what they are trying to do now the billion.

If the rate of drop in the money supply from banks failures is faster than the amount that is being replenished by the goverment then the supply of money will drop whats coming Fwb personals in Takeo is more than whats coming in through printing of new money. If the supply of money in the system drops, then the value of money as measured by the value of the dollar will rise and the value of commoditties like gold and crude vaued in dollars will drop. Depression will occur if there isnt enough money coming into the system to cover for the money coming out with the losses.

If the banks stop lending to businesses and the consumer because the money supply is drying up,then economic activity in this Seeking a beautiful woman in Monza and the world will come to a screaching halt.

Thats when companies will layoff 10s of millions of workers and we would move towards a deppression. Thats why the dollar has started to drop since they printed 85 billion for AIG and billion for fanny and freddy, 50 billion for money markets accounts. The point is that many dont understand is for us to move towards a deppression, the money supply will have to shrink money coming out is more Fwb personals in Takeo money coming in which stops economic activity because banks cannot lend and then the value of money will rise the dollar since Fwb personals in Takeo is less money in the system, and the value of gold will DROP since gold and other commodities are priced in dollars!

The only way gold will rise is of we stop going down the path of economic slowdown and a depression by printing enough money to payoff all the bad loans and Fwb personals in Takeo more to cover for normal day to day economic activity coupled with a little growth if any. But for now next 6 months billion will do. There always seem to be voices raising the possibility that a return to a monetary gold standard could solve all our problems.

Among those championing this meme this week were Chris Mayer at Daily Reckoning http: Under a pure gold standard, the government would stand ready to trade dollars for gold at a fixed rate.

If a government can go on a gold standard, it can go off, and historically countries have done exactly that all the time. The fact that speculators know this means that any currency adhering to a gold standard or, in more modern times, a fixed exchange rate may be subject to a speculative attack.

International capital flows became more erratic, not less, as doubts were raised about whether first the pound would be devalued and then Fwb personals in Takeo dollar. Britain gave in to the Fwb personals in Takeo attacks and abandoned gold inwhereas the U. Because of this uncertainty, there was a big increase in demand for gold, the Slut in Alxa Zuoqi safe asset in this Fwb personals in Takeo, which meant the relative price of gold must rise.

The longer a country stayed on the gold standard, the more overall deflation it experienced. Many of us are persuaded that this deflation greatly added to the economic difficulties of those countries that insisted on sticking with a fixed value of their currency in terms of gold.

The same happened after Italy dropped the gold standard inand for Belgium when it went off in A gold standard only works when everybody believes in the overall fiscal and monetary responsibility of the major world governments and the relative price of gold is fairly stable.

Technical Analysis Of Gold http: It wins under one of two scenarios.


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