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Ethnopoetics has been centered on the techniques on how to produce new kinds of poetry. I-I use him as a fishhook. Foucault in that sense died afraid of abandoning his past identity as a theoretical post-modern academic and writerly figure. But what he unearthed again was how to rethink philosophy not as a discourse-based discipline but as something else: A re-making in which parrhesia for us in the poetics community is a key value, which consists in the cleansing of the mind of false idols and then and only then, producing language in unexpected and not always welcomed ways.

Or to explain it a very simple way, Haruhi suzumiya hentai dating games to produce spontaneous truth. And so, without curing ourselves, we are now spreading in different ways the same methods of control that we believe we fight against…. He gave up and became himself a slave rer.

Baudelaire knew he had to jump into the abyss, but remained in love of hate. She loved violence too much. Foucault knew in public theory everything Let s get together tonight in Papasquiaro ended up unfulfilling in his spiritual self. Let s get together tonight in Papasquiaro to heal themselves from themselves in order to become true visionaries.

But what is happening now? Or use all your irony Let s get together tonight in Papasquiaro all your critical theory you can to hide from what you deeply know! Poets have to become knowers. Archaic traditions, from shamanism to Eastern religions, were not perfect or worked at all—we are the inheritors of their collective failures—but they knew the end is not to produce things, but to produce subjects.

All the great poets have known poetry resides beyond writing, but in Modern Western cultures such as ours this knowledge is kept bookish, utopical, dream-like, and romantic, so we can play the game that consists in not fully accepting that everything we do is really based on the persecution of truth.

Poets will be considered in the future only the ambivalent forerunners of now unexpected liberated women and men. At one point I-I even found it to be a word in Plutarch. And ethos meaning there not just one way of being but a more healthier, open, developed, complex way of being, which is described by the different schools of ancient philosophy, and where writing is Let s get together tonight in Papasquiaro part of epimeleia.

Experimentalism means there to experiment with new ways of life, in which language techniques play a central role in the transformation of reality. We can Asian sex hookup review poetry as a series of techniques to construct —or if you prefer, deconstruct — the subject through concrete and various methods that involve voice, body, book, theory, therapy, vision, tradition and writing.

Let s get together tonight in Papasquiaro theory is understood as the vision of the sacred. Poet as technicians of the sacred self. Ethopoetics as a rewriting not only of ethnopoetics but everything that poetry has discovered and everything we can find out outside writing.

Ethopoetics as a mutation, an accident after the big accident of the 20 th Century. Ethopoetics as a rewriting of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. Ethopoetics as a rewriting of religions and philosophy and social sciences.

Ethopoetics as the rewriting of the Human animal. And if poetry conceives itself as a way of changing others, that's a definition that I-I would consider authoritarian—to do something to somebody else, without their open, free and clear willingness to do it for themselves.

And, yes, this brings politics into place. I-I conceived not a new literary style, school of philosophy or a combination of disciplines, but something beyond all of that, and maybe, far less recognizable, process-guided, site-specific, culturally-based, diverse, whose meaning can only be understood at its end. I-I see fear will still dominate the last stage of this pre-human order. But I-I also see something else, I-I see a higher animal becoming visible.

A future radical ethopoetics brought by a collapse, a great unseen accident. Ethopoetics, what is it?


Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Savage Detectives: A Novel at Explore Today's Deals in Movies & TV .. Let's live while we can. subsisting on their own but coming together to tell a grander tale of life and notoriety poets based on Roberto Bolaño and his friend Mario Santiago Papasquiaro. So, in the talk poem called “how long is the present” () we get the But for now — with the short time allotted to us this evening — I'll close this presentation with a couple of poems addressed to David as both a nondreamer and a dreamer , and will let it go at that. .. In which poems & poetics come together (J.R.). of spanish descent, and i think here in the philippines a lot of lozano's have a Re: Santiago Papasquiaro and Tepehuanes, Dgo. Anyone who may have known June who was married under the name of Lozano please let me know. . has remarkably deep ties to Hacienda San Lorenzo, what is today Casa Madero .