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This is why I'm so impressed by Vince Carter. They were both huge stars at the same time, both with fairly sizeable egos. The fact that VC was able to accept his ageing, swallow his pride, and become a fantastic role-player for a decade while AI did AI things is pretty admirable. He doesn't embrace the triangle offense and is a detriment to the team. Their bench needs scoring. Let the offense flow through Westbrook like he's used to and his numbers will go up.

PG13 is elite enough to be even more positive without Melo sucking up the remaining usage there would be. Melo could still come in and play 30 minutes and dominate against second units and help stagger the minutes more effectively and consistently.

I'd say start Jerami Grant but that's a hell of a lot of bricks and bad spacing for a starting unit that already includes Roberson and your expected handful of not-on-fire Westy chucks. Melo's ego won't allow that to ever happen. He would sooner miss the playoffs than come off Looking for am orgasm friend in Melo bench if it would help the team. Melo's game was supposed to age well because it wasn't too Looking for am orgasm friend in Melo on athleticism, but His stubbornness and pride is getting in his way.

It's like everyone forgot this was the guy who checked himself back in when he was on the nuggets. Wade is a 3 time champion and one of the best players to play the game and top 3 in his position of all time. Plus he joined his Best friend's team now, they have an understanding Looking for am orgasm friend in Melo Wade is mature. Melo hasn't earned literally anything except some personal accomplishment scoring wise, that's it.

And he was always been selfish and quite of a ball hog. He can't do what Wade is doing now in Cleveland. Melo has never Looking for am orgasm friend in Melo that dude and when you haven't accomplished much in your career, the ego only gets stronger and self destructive.

Melo can still go off, but he is not a good fit. He just ain't that Prostitute in Jelgava who will gel with that team.

By real plus minus the best advanced stat by far because it takes into account the result of every single possession the player is involved in on offence and defenceCarmelo is the 11th ranked PF in the league and has an RPM of 1.

Are they all shit players, too? Wade also had a shaky start with cavs, which makes his numbers look worse. I would love to see those stats for the last 9 game stretch, where he's Looking for am orgasm friend in Melo coming off the bench. Whats the qualifier for these stats? We don't know what RPM is. ESPN hasn't released that information.

Don't talk like you actually know how accurate it is. Wade is at the stage of his career where that's the better option. Melo isn't quite there yet. I don't get why people are saying melo is trash. It really isn't his fault, there's just no flow to OKC right now.

He's a great fit if only OKC had any decent offense other than relying on pure talent to get them points. Do you guys ever stop and think he's probably the reason for the ISO increasing rather than working the ball around.

OKC's entire Big 3 contributes to the lack of ball movement. If you look in the first half of most of their games, you can Looking for am orgasm friend in Melo they are very capable of doing that WHILE playing elite defense. There's just something about those halftimes man. If you read ego backwards and put a "r" to the end, it makes Oger. It doesn't mean anything but sounds like Ogre. He said something similar to this earlier in the season and everyone laughed lol.

Phil did it the wrong way, but Melo is a cancer to any locker room he joins. You and everyone in this thread are misinterpreting this entire video, possibly not even watching it. The reporter asks him do you need to do anything different, a lineup change, something significant? To which melo replies hell naw. He's not looking out for himself. The reporter didn't mention melo coming off the bench even.

He obviously believes the thought of him coming off the bench is a joke, he's said it in a previous interview. Even though he left us. Iv always still loved Melo. But come on man. I do not miss him Melo has been this way his whole career tbf. Loved his Nuggets days but if someone shows you who they are believe them. Yeah, the only time I ever recall him playing a team game was a few years back during Jason Kidd's last season. After that period, he reverted to his old ways Looking for am orgasm friend in Melo there is no need to keep it up now that he got what he wanted.

Looking for am orgasm friend in Melo called 44 wins for the Thunder due to three low-efficiency chuckers on the same team and got laughed at. It's looking like even I was optimistic. His best season in his career came when Chauncey Billups was there to lead the team instead of melo. Dude just isnt a leader or team player of any kind. We don't need Melo to do anything except stand at the 3 point line, wait for a pass, catch and shoot. If we run a pick and he gets a mismatch, okay.

But we cannot keep letting him run wild on clear-outs with 5 minutes to go in a close game. That's just a wasted possession. This isn't Melo's team. He shouldn't be averaging 20 points. He shouldn't be anywhere near taking the most shots. He's fucking Westbrook's game up. Russ should play exactly like he did last year, instead of passing to Robes or Singler in the corner, it's Melo.

That's all he needs to do. Melo seriously needs to understand he's the third option now. Losing his starting spot might help clear that up for him.

Goddamn shit like this is why Chris Bosh was so amazing. This is the biggest thing imo. Its not only about moving the ball, its more about body movement. Thunders offense is too predictable, if they moved bodies around thats when defenses get confused and you find the open man. I really want your team to succeed man, yall gotta Looking for am orgasm friend in Melo it together.

A zebra can't change his stripes. Talented scorer but he's played the exact same way his entire career. George Karl ignoring his own issues all but said Melo is basically uncoachable. He'll do what he Looking for am orgasm friend in Melo to do and get his stats.

At the end of the day you are right it's a players league. I mean a coach can put in any style or gameplan they want, but if the players don't buy in it does not matter. I remember reading Scott Brooks saying after the left OKC that of course, he knew he should stagger KD and Russ he is not an idiot, but both wanted to play the entire 1st quarter and he could not convince either to come out early.

Then we'll freeze him out. Someone has to let Melo know he's 3rd option. Since he has a no trade clause, it is easier said than done. What will you do? You should freeze him out. Prostitute in Los Angeles it'll make him not want to stay next year.

Paul George is the one that you want to keep anyways. This is why KD deserves some credit, he joined a team that clearly wasn't his team and he fell in line. He might have hogged the ball a little bit at the beginning but he's been a complete team player for a while now. But I mean, we know Billy Donovan and Westbrook can produce results if Russ literally plays like he has for the past two seasons. Westbrook doesn't have to change his game. Russ needs to change arguably as much as Melo does.

It's Looking for am orgasm friend in Melo team and it always will be but to say Russ is running things perfectly and that everyone else has to pigeonhole themselves into completely off ball support roles is absurd. OKC fans seem to care most about getting Russ his. It's fine if some okc fans primarily care about Russ's stats.


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