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From the Choson Exchange web page:. Their booth was staffed by a Vice President and — as one might expect — attracted lots of attention from the locals in attendance. Their main CNC factory is 40, sq. They have two facilities, one in Pyongyang and one in Jagang with 12, employees in total. They want to open a factory in Rason, ideally without investors.

Prices were said to be: The market has contracted since then, as the crisis left a global glut in inventory inwhich has taken well into to clear. The sharply reduced demand, particularly from automakers, has made the CNC market particularly competitive, though a sustained economic recovery would eventually drag the industry back up to pre-crisis levels.

One of the effects of sanctions has been that companies try to hide their tracks when conducting business with the DPRK, even when the industry is unrelated to sanctioned items. This is sometimes done through an extra layer or two of outsourced contracts, or with textiles, sometimes just label-switching.

This is tough to do with bigger machines, of course, leaving North Korean CNC machines facing perhaps understandable prejudices. Its impact on the domestic market will be more significant, of course, reducing the need to spend hard currency on imported CNC machines from China and elsewhere.

Perhaps then, this import substitution Looking for some nsa in Nampo allow the DPRK to use that unspent capital on projects that actually benefit the daily lives of its citizens. For those of you in China, here is what it says:. Numerical control NC refers to the automation of machine tools that are operated by abstractly programmed commands encoded on a storage medium, as opposed to manually controlled via handwheels or levers, or mechanically automated via cams Ass to fuck in Bolu. These early servomechanisms were rapidly augmented with analog and digital computers, creating the modern computed numerically controlled CNC machine tools that have revolutionized the design process.

The programs produce a computer file that is interpreted to extract the commands needed to operate a particular machine via a post processor, and then loaded into the CNC machines for production. Since any particular component might require the use of a number of different tools—drills, saws, etc.

In other cases, a number of different machines are used with an external controller and human or robotic operators that move the component from machine to machine. In either case, the complex series of steps needed to produce any part is highly automated and produces a part that closely matches the original CAD design.

CNC billboards are all over Pyongyang. Inevitably CNC has its own dedicated patriotic song no music video yet. Here are the lyrics, as translated by Andray Abrahamian, a doctoral candidate at the University of Ulsan in South Korea:.

Looking for some nsa in Nampo — an example of self-strength and reliance! South Korea, watch out. You can download the MP3 by right clicking here. See a photo here. You can see them here courtesy of the Stalin Search Engine. Indeed North Korean economic policy seems hell-bent to do just that. According to the US Treasury Department:. Department of the Treasury today designated eight North Korean entities pursuant to Executive Orderan authority aimed at freezing the assets of proliferators of weapons of mass destruction WMD and their delivery vehicles.

We will continue to expose and designate these dangerous actors. The Order carried with it an annex that designated eight entities — operating in North Korea, Iran, and Syria — for their support of WMD proliferation.

The President at that time also authorized Looking for some nsa in Nampo Secretaries of Treasury and State to designate additional entities and individuals proliferating WMD and the missiles that carry them. These direct associations meet the criteria for designation because the entities are owned or controlled by, or act or purport to act for or on behalf of KOMID. Korea Ryonbong Looking for some nsa in Nampo Corporation, also named in the annex, is the parent company of the remaining six Pyongyang-based entities designated today.

If Looking for some nsa in Nampo has any pointers, please let me know. I know the locations of many of these factories but not all. If anyone has any information on their coordinates, please let me know. One of them was the Hyoksin Trading Corporation. I believe they even have a web page here. Today, the US imposed financial sanctions on this company. It means any bank accounts or other financial assets found in the United States that belong to the company must be frozen.

Americans also are prohibited from doing business with the firm. It is the latest move by the United States to keep pressure on Pyongyang, whose nuclear ambitions have ratcheted up global tensions. Read the full story here: A couple of days ago, we had an interesting exchange in the comments that I want to make sure readers have an opportiunity to see: In that Asia Times report Dr.

The production volume last year was very limited 45 or 48 trucks. There is one technician-representative from KamAZ who manages the assembling process. Many North Korean drivers and technicians seem to be technically ignorant i. Russians train them well and the North Koreans are grateful. I was wondering how anyone could be making money from sticking badges on KamAZes and trying to sell them on.

And because of its connections to Ryongwang this Swiss company got in troubles with the US administration. A black Volkswagen Passat with smoked windows glides down a suburban Pyongyang road. Even without a license plate, a passenger sedan bestows VIP status in a country where traffic is sparse and imports are limited by external sanctions and domestic restrictions alike.

Essays on Daily Life in North Korea. He estimates there are only 20, to 25, passenger cars in the entire country, less than one per thousand people. Discouraging private car ownership is not just a Looking for some nsa in Nampo of ideology in a communist country, Lankov said in a phone interview from Seoul, where he teaches at Kookmin University. North Korea moved early — shortly after the Korean War, and ahead of the South — to mass produce trucks and 4-wheel-drive Jeep-type military vehicles.

Craftsmen took apart imported Soviet tractors, trucks and utility vehicles, measuring the parts to make copies. The indigenous civilian passenger-car industry, too, mostly made knockoffs of models produced elsewhere. After importing a fleet of Mercedes-Benz s, the country produced replicas under local model names into the s.

Lee Keum-ryung, a former used-car trader who defected from North to South Korea inagrees. Material and energy shortages that accompanied a famine in the s brought state-run factories to a halt.

Recovery has been slow, and Schenau said he Looking for some nsa in Nampo even domestic production of Jeep-style vehicles has been replaced by imports from Russia and China. Imports have similarly come to dominate what passes for the passenger-car market.

Used cars — mostly Japanese-made — are the mode of transit for many members of the new trading and entrepreneurial class that has emerged in the last couple of decades.

I borrowed a plate. While Japanese trade figures show annual exports of some 1, passenger cars, mostly used, to North Korea in andthe total for this year is zero. In a Yonhap story, Lee said the security-conscious leader traveled Looking for some nsa in Nampo motorcades of identical cars to confuse would-be assassins and generally maintained 10 units each of any model so five would always be road-ready. The company was created when Seoul-based Pyonghwa Motors, which began as a car importer affiliated with Rev.

The first assembly line was set up in at the west coast port city of Nampo Hot fucks in Aland produce, from kits of parts, a version of the small Fiat Siena, called the Hwiparam Whistle in Korean.

So far, the factory has built about 2, cars and pickup trucks, according to Noh Jae Wan, a spokesman in Seoul for Pyonghwa Motors, who said it is the Looking for some nsa in Nampo manufacturer now turning out passenger cars in North Korea.

According to a February announcement by Brilliance China Automotive Holdings, Pyongyhwa has agreed to let Brilliance use part of the Nampo plant to assemble Haise minibuses. Setting Up Shop in N. Even more surprising is that the company making this investment is an affiliate of the Unification Church, headed by the thumpingly anti-communist Rev. It is one of the largest private ventures in North Korea, a bastion of militant communism that only recently has cracked open its doors to foreign investment in a desperate quest for hard currency.

The communist government, which also owns a stake in the company, has contracted to buy 1, cars in the first year. After that, the company hopes to sell vehicles in China, Russia and, if the political situation allows, South Korea. The plant has the potential to turn out 20, cars a year. That paved the way for Moon, an archconservative who nonetheless supports dialogue with the North, to buy two Looking for some nsa in Nampo in Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, including the room Potonggang, which boasts of being the only hotel in the isolated country with satellite television.

Pyonghwa officials say they hope the investments will advance the reconciliation process between the two Koreas, estranged for more than half a century. From a financial viewpoint, the company hopes that low labor costs will allow it to Looking for some nsa in Nampo out automobiles more cheaply than elsewhere in Asia. The workers are very clever, very quick to learn, and they are harshly controlled by their superiors.

Among the extraordinary problems that Pyonghwa has encountered in trying to do business in North Korea is Looking for some nsa in Nampo erratic power supply and poor transportation system. The new plant Sexy mature women in Trnava situated next to a 2-year-old highway linking Nampo with Pyongyang, 25 miles to the northeast.

However, the road was constructed with picks and shovels; it does not Looking for some nsa in Nampo heavy trucks well and frequently needs repairs. Merely putting up a sign over the front gate of the factory was a struggle, in which capitalism ultimately triumphed over communism.

There also have been a number of well-publicized failures. In addition to its assembly line, Pyonghwa is refurbishing used cars imported from Japan for resale in North Korea. There are 3, passenger cars in North Korea for a population of 23 million. All are said to belong to the government or top officials. Pyonghwa also owns a Fiat assembly plant in Vietnam and has tried various automotive projects in China, which so far have been unsuccessful. Unification Church to sell 1, cars in N.

Business prospects in the reclusive country seemed to glow shortly after President Kim Dae-jung of South Korea held an unprecedented summit in with North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. But relations between the neighbours chilled last year and have come under even greater pressure after President George W. North and South Korea remain technically at war as the Korean War ended without a peace agreement.

Undaunted by this atmosphere, Pyeongwha Motors Corp, the first South Korean company to build an auto plant in the north, says it sees a burgeoning market.


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