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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Eroticism presented through swaying hips is inseparable from the history that surrounds.

The changing Karawang district 32 miles of Jakarta, Indonesia from agriculture to industrial making the culture in this area transformed. In agriculture period, which is almost the entire population of Karawang as a farmer known as Bajidoran, is used as a fertility rite to celebrate the harvest. Swaying hips of the dancers in Bajidoran later evolved into the cultural identity of the region and then known as Goyang Karawang. In 90's Goyang Karawang was also known as a dangdut song title that described the condition of the culture.

Karawang has been turned into industrial city. Goyang Karawang existence as a cultural text cannot be separated from the study of music, history, social, gender, etc. Ethnography is selected as the method of data collection, considering that this method can describe with deep cultural events.

Erotisme yang dihadirkan melalui goyangan badan tidak terlepas dari sejarah yang melingkupi. Perubahan kota dari agraris menuju industri membuat kesenian yang ada di wilayah Karawang berubah bentuk. Pada masa agraris, masa dimana hampir seluruh penduduk Karawang bermata pencarian sebagai petani dikenal kesenian Bajidoran yang digunakan sebagai ritus kesuburan dalam merayakan masa panen. Goyang penari dalam Bajidoran kemudian berkembang seiring waktu dan menjadi identitas wilayah yang kemudian dipopulerkan lewat lagu Dangdut Goyang Karawang.

Kini Karawang telah berubah menjadi kota Industri, sehingga Bajidoran beradaptasi dengan jaman dan kini populer dengan Goyang Karawang yang menjajakan tubuh perempuan sebagai komoditas dengan bermacam teks yang tejalin. Penjelajahan Tubuh Perempuan diantara Ritus dan Fiesta merupakan tulisan sederhana mengenai fenomena budaya yang terjadi di Kota Karawang. Keberadaan Goyang Karawang sebagai sebuah teks budaya tidak dapat dipisahkan dari kajian musik, sejarah, gender, sosial sehingga dalam proses penelitan dan penulisan akan digunakan Cultural Studies dalam menenun teks-teks yang hadir.

Metode etnografi dipilih sebagai metode dalam proses pencarian data, mengingat metode ini dapat menggambarkan Married female wanting black male in Goyang budaya dengan mendalam. The majority of the male audiences make the show more festive with unexpected responses, such as giving money to the singer by slipping between the breasts, and some even tried to touch the singer body. Dangdut singer in Karawang carries out various actions by issuing the sensuality in his singing, words can be spoiled and followed with a sigh, and shake the hips that make the audiences excited.

Not only those song sung, but also themed seductive sexuality. Body in exploitation is as a way to attract attention, especially the element of sensuality into a commodity. All efforts are prepared to look at the beauty and sexiness which can be performed perfectly in the stage.

The notice the most crucial stuff, ranging from hairdressing, make-up, clothing, and footwear. Dangdut Married female wanting black male in Goyang singers are racing to be sexy and more sensual when they are singing dangdut song. Songs with the lyrics arouse sexual desire into capital in hawking sound. Strong competition that makes them willing to give sensuality that would invite the desires of the audience, especially the men who were in front of them.

Therein Dangdut Karawang singers have the opportunity to attract the attention of the audiences to be captivated by her. Karawang is located about 75 kilometres east of Jakarta, known as the city granary because it produces the largest rice in the colonial era.

In the society of farmers or agriculture, the culture is usually presented to meet the needs of a fertility rite. For instance Bajidor, music and dance are presented in celebration of the harvest. Female dancers present as a symbol of the mythical figure of Dewi Sri giver of life. Bajidor presents hip sway, later known as jaipong dance, swaying hips is adapted from the women's movement when they are cleaning the rice.

Swaying hips is then popular with Goyang Karawang. Bajidor rite is a folk performing art that lives in the northern coastal areas, such as Subang and Karawang. Bajidoran often used as ritual after the rice harvest to express gratitude for the harvest obtained.

The term Bajidoran in Subang Lonely women in Svay Rieng frequently considered as negative meaning. Bajidor is acronym from Barisan Jiwa Doraka row spirit of disobediencerefers to the behavior of the Bajidoran fans which tend to justify anything in the performing arena, throwing the money sawerdrank liquor, seduce and expressing sexual desire to sinden or ronggeng.

There is other narrative story from H. Now, Bajidoran recedes in Karawang. The changing of dynamics city from agricultural into industrial points out as the main reason for the disappearance of this folk dancing.

The government has also taken part with the intention to preserve Bajidoran in order to avoid negative behaviors, particularly physical contact which has made between men and women. The physical contact is not just a casual physical contact, but with erotic dance, the Married female wanting black male in Goyang frequently gets disrespectful treatment.

The man Married female wanting black male in Goyang gives the money nyawer to the dancer by slipping between the breasts, and some even tried to touch the dancer. Karawang people can be categorized as a transitional society where the color of the life of industrial society has been felt in the life of the heart rate, Married female wanting black male in Goyang the style of traditional agricultural life has not disappeared altogether. Community is at the gate, 'Neither here nor there' Durkheim,not in the frame of the traditional culture, nor in modern Married female wanting black male in Goyang. To survive and cling to the traditional life is no longer possible, especially because they are not suitable and outdated, but to leave as a whole is also not possible as the model life of the new world which will be addressed is unformed.

As a result, people's behavior becomes very ambiguous, the jumble of the old idea with a new idea. This condition is visibly apparent from a view of the city where the industrial area grows in the middle of rice fields. Other than the Married female wanting black male in Goyang habit, Dangdut presented in the middle of the marriage rite comes as social symbol that is no longer a tradition.

Goyang Karawang which had been constructed as a cultural heritage by the government adds the exotica of dangdut which is inspired by Inul Daratista performances. Bajidoran as a rite of harvest is no longer audible and visible in Karawang life society, but the tradition of nyawer is persist on Dangdut Stage.

In the Dutch colonial era, Goyang Karawang was used as a symbol or password struggle. The Karawangan women used swaying hips as a code for the fighters when the enemy came. When the enemy came, Karawang women will tell fighters around them with a code of swaying, swaying on the right gives a meaning that the enemy was on the left, swaying on the right to give a code that enemy was on the right, and swaying rotate means the position of the enemy Married female wanting black male in Goyang surrounded.

The story did not just finish, women in Karawang, in particular on Rawagede village have a bitter story in the Colonial era. Large-scale massacres carried by Dutch soldiers on the second military aggression make Rawagede in an instant into a village of widows.

On the otherside many women Karawang became concubines by the Colonial, and later abandoned after the Dutch left Indonesia. It is common woman married and divorced more than four times. And this story certainly contributes the cultural text which is full of sensuality and sexuality bodies that appears.

Now Goyang Karawang has changed its function as a space that is no longer agriculture and not the colonial period. Goyang Karawang comes Married female wanting black male in Goyang frenzied industrialization as a popular mass entertainment.

The swaying hips is present as a commodity that needs to be sold. How is the woman's body in this case Dangdut singer became a central player in the world of entertainment and spectacle, but in a subordinate position in the world is unequal?

The Promenade Married female wanting black male in Goyang Woman Body and Prosperity Imagination Evening, between the sparkle of the moon light in Karawang, a middle-aged woman was busy answering telephone from the public whose requests to enliven the event which will be held. Lia Ozawa dangdut singer who was quite famous in Karawang, she almost spent her days every night on the stage.

Lia began her career as a Dangdut singer in Karawang since she was in high school. Although her parents Married female wanting black male in Goyang not allow her become a singer, but she loved his profession as Married female wanting black male in Goyang star. Lia is from an educated family. Her father is government employee in Karawang. Lia claimed to start a singing career because it was inspired by television Married female wanting black male in Goyang. At first she wanted to be Jaipong dancer like what she saw in the TV shows.

In the begining Lia started her career as Dangdut singer from stage to stage. The rejection from her family did not make her recede. Inshe made her own dangdut group named Askara, which is an acronyme of Asli Karawang. The presence of television in Karawang brought significant cultural change. One of the woman characters of Dangdut singer who chose the nickname Lia Ozawa has been very visible.

She chose Ozawa name, which was incidentally taken from a Japanese porn star named Maria Ozawa. Ozawa known as a sex symbol in the virtual world of sexuality brings imagination to hear the name. Surely Lia too, as a dangdut singer, she offered sexual imagination such as the porn star Maria Ozawa.

Weintraub, an ethnomusicologist from US discusses in detail some of the figures in the Indonesian dangdut from the king of Married female wanting black male in Goyang Rhoma Irama up Inul era that brought new phenomenon dangdut into music with the sensual sway. Inul was considered raising the image of dangdut even to foreign countries.

Dangdut previously is often derided as a musical "fried peanuts" in the s and was associated with grassroots poor which later has turned into a form of entertainment that was highly appreciated by the public. The woman who was born in Pasuruan, East Java, January 21,began a career stage as dangdut singer in the folk events in Pasuruan, East Java.

Initially his father did not agree with his decision to sing, but with strong determination and wanted to help the family economy, she still advanced. Before entering the total performance into the world of dangdut, Inul prefered to bring the Rock songs Married female wanting black male in Goyang dangdut, because of this background, too, Inul prefered to sing dangdut songs re-arranged using the style of dangdut music with arrangements of rock music is different with Rock songs sung by the musician Rock itself, for example Jamrud, Rif, Boomerang.

Similarly, the upbeat songs are often sung by Inul: Poco-poco, Goyang Dombret, Jaipong, the action stage was also very interesting. Indonesian dangdut presence in the world has created thousands of loyal fans, both in villages and cities. Lia Ozawa is one of them. Life choices as a dangdut singer obtained from virtual impressions are present in her life.

Maria Ozawa with images of sexuality and Inul with images of sensuality become important references in the career of Lia Ozawa. Dangdut is really loved in Karawang. Every celebration marriages, circumcisions, thanksgiving, etc is not legal without a sparkling dangdut stage. Dangdut performance is a symbol of prosperity in Karawang. How could Married female wanting black male in Goyang be?

Karawang grows as the largest industrial city in Southeast Asia which makes the inhabitants have enough income to buy an entertainment. Fancy Dangdut stage, sparkling lights, audible sound which can be heard until hundreds meters, inviting all the people to present to enliven the celebration. Askara Dangdut Group in certain months is crowded of receiving a request to perform.


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