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Early on in my Thailand adventure I was told that the most beautiful Nasty woman in Lamphun in Thailand come from Lampang. Nasty woman in Lamphun, slender, white-skinned and round-eyed, the beauties of Lampang were the Thai men's Nasty woman in Lamphun. I'd been to Chiang Mai and various other spots in the north, but had Nasty woman in Lamphun really had reason to visit Lampang until I became friends with an American based there.

So with it being a long weekend, I decided to Nasty woman in Lamphun take up the offer to visit my friend and check out Lampang. It's Nasty woman in Lamphun a long time since I have driven north, 5 long years. Memories of my last trip to Nasty woman in Lamphun north are of a long boring drive and unremarkable scenery, thoughts that the so-called beautiful north could not really lay claim to its reputation until you hit Chiang Mai.

The journey north might not be spectacular but the roads are good, very good. Highway 1, the main state highway that takes you all the way to Chiang Fuck sluts in Yarumal is noticeably better than Highway 2, the route through Isaan to Nongkhai. Passengers might find it unremarkable, perhaps even boring, but as a driver it's fun. The first thing you notice is, compared to the main routes into Isaan, the lack of commercial vehicles on the road.

The apparent lack of heavy commercial transport is welcome. There are also less highway patrol stations and highway patrol cars. A grand total of two highway patrol cars were spotted on the whole journey, each stationary, the thieves in brown uniforms sitting outside the car getting some fresh air. Perhaps their quota had been met for the day? Compared to the West where they string up by your balls if you're caught at such horrendous speeds, the enforcement of road rules in Thailand — or lack of — is refreshing.

Who would have thought that driving in Thailand could be such a pleasure? We arrived in Lampang on Friday afternoon and relaxed after covering the km journey in less than 6 hours. My Lampang based friend reports that despite being a resident for a fair few years, he is not sure what nightlife opportunities exist. Keen to hunt Nasty woman in Lamphun a beer despite it being a Buddhist holiday, we end up in Jena Karaoke, one of the naughtier variety of karaoke bars, also known as a cafes, where a few scantily clad damsels could be seen off to one side.

That said, within seconds of arriving we both felt that this was not really a farang-friendly venue and it being a public holiday, we called it an early night. Checking out the nightlife could wait until Saturday. The Nasty woman in Lamphun draw of the city of Lampang is the horses. Horse and carts can be seen ferrying tourists around the city for a reasonable baht an hour. They move at a snail's pace and provide a nice way to see the city. The city is home to plenty of temples, including some Burmese style Buddhist houses of worship which feature more wood than your typical Thai temple; the largest Burmese temple in all of Thailand is found in Lampang.

For temple fans and photographers, it is generally agreed that the most impressive temple in the area is Wat Prathat Luang Lampang, located some kilometres southwest of the city. The all wood structure contains a relic of the Buddha, a single Nasty woman in Lamphun of hair I believe, and so it Nasty woman in Lamphun for " Prathat " status. Lampang is somewhat pretty. The Wang River runs through it and you can find the local suan sukaparp fitness park where in the evenings young and old can be seen walking, running, Nasty woman in Lamphun and doing all manner of weird exercises, some of which Nasty woman in Lamphun am convinced are only performed in Thailand — and are of no real physical benefit.

I mean, in how many countries do people run as if they are in a boxing ring, jumping from side to side for a few feet, ultra vigorously, and then stopping! Traffic is light and moves at a gentle pace. Like most provincial capitals in Thailand, asking the locals just what the population is results in frowns, scratching of the head and general awkwardness as they feel that this most simple of questions that they really should know the answer to has in fact resulted in them losing face by failing to answer.

No-one seems to know the population of the provincial capital; my best guess would be aboutLampang simply doesn't seem to be on the farang trail. Relatively few Westerners seem to make it there.

Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are much more popular, and while Sukhothai, Prae, Mae Hong San and Nan all attract significant numbers of foreign visitors, Lampang's tourist trade would appear to be more Thai than farang. As far as farangs residents of Lampang go, my host couldn't estimate how many live there, suffice to say it would be a very small number. Clearly the local lasses don't pine for foreign husbands like their Isaan sisters….

Asking my buddy whether those foreigners in the area did anything else than teach English or enjoy retirement, he gave me a look that suggested, "What else is there to do? With Nasty woman in Lamphun Western tourists Nasty woman in Lamphun through the nightlife and entertainment options are very much Thai style. As with anywhere in Thailand, foreigners are welcome but what is offered just isn't to our tastes. We checked out one venue, HiLight, a very pleasant Thai style venue with plenty of pretty girls, both staff and customers.

But you know what? While they didn't Nasty woman in Lamphun their noses up Nasty woman in Lamphun the only two white boys in attendance, neither did they drool as the locals would, in say, rural Isaan.

Not once did I hear the call or even the hushed whispers of "farang". One thing's for sure, Lampang is Nasty woman in Lamphun the place to go for nightlife. A visit to Lampang would not be complete without a trip to Nasty woman in Lamphun elephant conservation centre and hospital, located about 30 km north of the Nasty woman in Lamphun, far and away the province's most famous attraction.

I had some trepidation about visiting as Thai zoos have failed to impress — and the treatment of animals is often questionable. I was pleasantly surprised. The elephant conservation centre was tastefully done and in addition to the usual Thai quotient of sanuk with some silly elephant shows, the dual language presentation provided not just information about the giant beasts, but some fascinating insight into the lives of elephants in Thailand. And surprise, surprise, there's no dual pricing.

The 70 baht entrance fee is Nasty woman in Lamphun bargain, and frankly it is too Nasty woman in Lamphun. There's only so much to do in Lampang city.

A few temples to see, the river…. There are no fabulous restaurants, no fabulous bars, but in fairness, there are some pretty decent coffee houses with excellent coffee, I Luv Nasty woman in Lamphun in a lane just off Nasty woman in Lamphun man clock tower Nasty woman in Lamphun the pick of the bunch.

Basically, you need to get out into the countryside to see more. So there we were, out for a scenic drive, well beyond the city limits when my host and de facto guide, Larry, spotted a sign for an arts and craft centre. We set off to find it. This was one of those large blue signs you see all over Thailand, usually reserved for only the most interesting of attractions.

We thought we were in for an interesting excursion. Perhaps 20 km further along the road, we started to wonder if we had passed it. We proceeded another few kilometres and we saw a sign — it was 11 km further. We had come a long way already so we pressed on. Eventually we came upon the venue and found little more than a small building which looked to be a store selling the local OTOP products.

To make matters worse, it was closed! One has to wonder how many had made this trip only to be disappointed. And just how much money greased palms to get such large, conspicuous signs showing the way to such an innocuous shop?! We were now quite some distance from the provincial capital, the terrain had changed and we thought it would be fun to explore further. Heading up into the mountains, not dissimilar to the hills surrounding Chiang Mai, the steep terrain was punctuated with small flat areas, every square inch of which was used for the planting of rice.

We occasionally passed locals, walking along the side of the road in what can only be described rags. They had a hard, weathered look about them from a life of work in the fields and were dressed in what can only be described as multi-coloured wrap around rags.

These were hill tribes people, the genuine article, not the tourist variety you get in the larger centres. We stopped to chat with some and tried engaging them in Thai, but conversation was difficult, our Thai was better than theirs. The two ladies below each had a story to tell and like Thais from the countryside were oh so keen to tell it to anyone who would listen. The lady on the left was working with her husband who at the time of this photo was waist deep in a pile of mud just out of shot, digging a drainage system while she sat there and yelled out instructions!

It transpired that she was there to keep an eye on her husband who has a propensity for leaving the worksite and chasing other women and coming home very late, if at all! She would have none of that! The women on the right had a much sadder tale.

Her daughter was working in Bangkok and called home to tell her mother that Nasty woman in Lamphun had terrible chest pains. She went to three different doctors before she found one who diagnosed the problem and said that an emergency operation was needed.

She called her mother at lunch time this particular day three months ago to say that the operation was scheduled for 2 PM. She would call later in the day when she was out of surgery. She never did call again. Mother got a phone call at 4: Amazingly she was rather relaxed about it all and said she was fortunate that she had four other kids.

Lampang is an intriguing place when it comes to recommending it to the readership. It's pleasant, laid back and while it really is hard to say it is a pretty place, neither is it your drab Thai provincial capital. I have to admit that in some ways the city is not the postcard perfect spot I was led to believe. As far as non-descript provincial capitals go, Roi Et is Swinger couples seeking sex in Freeport more attractive and the waterfront areas of both Nongkhai and Nakhon Phanom are more pleasant on the eye.

The horses give Lampang a unique flavour but are they really anything more than the a slow, northern version of a tuktuk? To see Lampang you need a car. The attractions, which in the city largely means the temples, are somewhat spread out. There Nasty woman in Lamphun also various sights such as the elephant conservation centre, Prathat temple and national parks, each some distance and in a completely different direction from the city. I do more travelling in the Isaan region than any other part of the country.

There is something for Westerners in most Isaan centres. I have many friends in the region and the locals are extremely helpful. I think it's fair to say that the people of Isaan love foreigners. They welcome us and go out of their way to help us. The region's biggest attraction is its populace.


There I saw cute, well dressed young women (not teenagers any more) all Nam was great, sweet, passionate, sexy and nasty, she seemed to really like sex too It's on CM-Lamphun Rd just past the market "Nong Hoi. The two ladies below each had a story to tell and like Thais from the countryside were oh say Lampang when in fact they meant the place 50 clicks up the road, Lamphun! . She hissed, sneered and actually got quite nasty. The first match of the day was the Lamphun and Ruamjai Khru (Chiang Mai Teachers' Union) there again in Hang Dong to strike another blow in his solo campaign to thwart the nasty farangs. And like a woman, he didn't need a reason!.