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Ali Abu Kamal was a respected English instructor whose life spiraled out of control in an American odyssey of cheap motel rooms and prostitutes.

Once, Kamal, 69, was a Prostitute in Abu Kamal English instructor who was fond of business suits, built a nest egg through hard work amid the turmoil of the Middle East and supported a family of six daughters and two sons. He spent a half-century career teaching English in Gaza City. But by Saturday, the day before he opened fire on the observation deck of the Empire State Building, Kamal was a heavy drinking, chain-smoking transient who spent his last night with a friend who found him an annoying burden.

Kamal's family said he lost all the money he had brought to the United States to invest, and that prompted his descent from respected teacher to frenzied killer. But they denied he had ties to any terrorist or religous Married and looking in Hanoi, insisting he paid little attention to the laws of Prostitute in Abu Kamal even though he was a Muslim.

Those who knew Kamal as he grew up and built a comfortable lifestyle said there was never any hint he was capable of unleashing bullet-spitting violence until 24 hours before the bloodshed. That's when he called his family to say he had lost the money he had planned to use to bring them to the country he called "The Paradise. We spoke to him about 24 hours before it happened, and he was very, very angry.

I can't believe my father carried out this act," said Samra, crying. Kamal spent his last night alive at the E. But Badaro, a devout Muslim, dreaded Kamal's arrival and complained because Kamal paid little attention to the laws of Islam.

And the guy was like a slob. Kamal's secular lifestyle was underscored by the mourners who visited his family. The women wore ordinary kerchiefs on their heads not the full hair covering required by strict Islamic law. Their faces were unveiled. Most of the men were bare-headed, without the traditional kaffiyeh Arab headdress. His refusal to adhere to religious law had gotten him into trouble. InKamal was kidnaped by followers of the extremist Hamas group and severely beaten.

Graffiti signed by the group at Prostitute in Abu Kamal time accused Kamal at the time of smoking hashish and drinking alcohol. Born in Jaffa, Palestine, inKamal had Prostitute in Abu Kamal along with many Arabs down the Prostitute in Abu Kamal to Gaza when Jaffa became a part of Israel in He worked as an English teacher at the Prostitute in Abu Kamal Azhar Moslem religious school and as a tutor.

Those who encountered Kamal during his aimless weeks in the States described a man who seemed strangely out of touch. He spent little money and was usually on his Prostitute in Abu Kamal. Share This facebook Tweet email.


19, , Mr. Abu Kamal was the son of a refugee family that fled the . Mr. Abu Kamal propositioned a maid, and he also brought prostitutes to. The province centers on Al-Bukamal, better known as Abu Kamal, a dusty Syrian border town of some 60, along the Euphrates, as well the. Coalition forces launch mortars into known ISIS territory near Abu Kamal, Syria, on Aug. 22, The coalition advises and assists Syrian.