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Sexual violence is a major public health concern as well as human rights violation. Homeless women Prostitute in Adigrat far more likely to experience violence of all sorts than women in general. The objective of this study is to assess the prevalence Prostitute in Adigrat consequence of rape, and explore the reasons and factors associated with rape among street females in Bahir-Dar town, North West Ethiopia. This is a mixed method study which included: Street females are those who spend most of their time on the street and who depend on the street for their life.

Qualitative and quantitative data were assessed separately with thematic and statistical analysis respectively. Quantitative data was analyzed using SPSS version Bivariate and Multivariate analysis were determined. Life time prevalence of rape was None of the victims used condom during the rape event. Out of the total of 96 victims of rape, 13 Psychological consequence like, hating others by 34 Being physically weak, long stay in street life, and sleeping around street males were reasons mentioned Women nude in Ford rape by In general, there is a very high prevalence of rape exacting significant physical and psychological tolls in victims of the study.

Therefore, timely and integrated actions of the various stakeholders working in this area are crucial to curtail this critical human rights violation. Sexual violence Prostitute in Adigrat women continues to be an increased public health problem. The Secretary-General of the United Nations UN claimed it as a particularly unkind human rights violation that must be eradicated [ 1 ]. Homeless women are far more likely to experience violence of all sorts than women in general, ranging from two Prostitute in Adigrat four times more likely, depending on the violence type.

Approximately one homeless woman in four is homeless mainly because of her experiences with violence [ 3 ]. Lifetime risk for violent victimization including sexual assault for women who live with homelessness and mental illness is far greater [ 4 ].

Most sexual abuses continue to go unreported in societies with poorly developed social networks and intervention programs, as seen in much of Africa.

Mental and Prostitute in Adigrat distress faced by women experiencing serious abuse is overwhelming. Rape is also linked to most intractable reproductive health issues of our times including unwanted pregnancy, unsafe abortions and sexually transmitted infections.

Three is also high rate of HIV and sexually transmitted illnesses in the homeless youth population [ 10 ]. Almost half the women reporting serious violence also meet the criteria for major depression; one-fourth for post-traumatic stress disorder [ 11 ].

To compound the problem, most homeless females do not have access to information regarding sexual health and safety. Homeless teen mothers showed a profound lack of knowledge or interest regarding birth control and reproductive health. In Ethiopia, there were an estimated number of , street dwellers [ 13 ]. Prostitute in Adigrat any part of the world, considerable numbers of street females in Ethiopia are victims of rape and some others are at risk.

The prevalence Prostitute in Adigrat rape among street females in Addis Ababa was Victims of rape were suffering from unwanted pregnancy, induced abortion, trauma of the genitalia and unusual vaginal discharge [ 14 ]. During the recent years, Bahir-Dar town has undergone rapid changes that have Prostitute in Adigrat the urban environment. The rapid increase in the number of street dwellers associated with this urbanization raise concern and warrants immediate government attention.

Data regarding sexual violence associated with this increased number of homeless individuals is not available in the region. Only few papers discussed sexual violence among street female dwellers [ 14 - 16 ] and Prostitute in Adigrat factors for sexual violence among street dwellers were not conclusive. Knowing the family planning practice of victims is also crucial in designing family planning service for those who are affected.

Furthermore, this research was conducted in a very growing town, Bahir-Dar, where there is a rapid and continues influx of rural females to the town, therefore timely information on the subject of Sexual violence is indispensable to recognize and avert the perpetrators attack. So far, there was no data on this particular area in this study setting. Consequently, only little information was available to design street sensitive policies and programs. Taking into account the aforementioned results, this method mix research ascertained the prevalence and consequence Prostitute in Adigrat rape among street females in Bahir-Dar town.

The study also explored the reasons and factors associated with rape. This is a mixed method study involving both quantitative and qualitative study designs. The city is one of rapidly growing Prostitute in Adigrat, located kms North West of Addis Ababa the capital city of Ethiopia.

Prior to the commencement of data collection, the following activities were performed in association with the city workers and social affair office. Subsequently, 13 churches, 1 Mosque, 1 market area, the city main high way and city bus station were identified. Street beggars, vendors, jobless and street females prostitutes were included in the study.

All street females Prostitute in Adigrat age 15—49 who were available during the data collection period were included Prostitute in Adigrat the study. Regarding the sampling strategy, a special sampling technique was applied to collect data according to Prostitute in Adigrat nature of the study subjects. All available beggars from13 churches, 1 mosque, market area, bus station and the main highways were taken consecutively in one day Sunday for its convenience.

Similarly all consecutive vendor street females who were available on the next day were considered in the study. The questionnaire was developed from DHS demographic health survey and the US national violence against woman survey tools and Prostitute in Adigrat was tailored to suit the local context.

The questionnaire used in the survey component of the study incorporated measures of Prostitute in Adigrat position, the occurrence and reasons of rape, consequences associated Prostitute in Adigrat rape, disclosure and help-seeking following experiences of violence. Data was collected through face to face interview.

Sunday was collected for its convenience to collect data from all consecutive beggars. On the next day, data from all available vendor street females was collected. Snow ball sampling technique was used to identify available jobless females and street prostitutes. The data was collected through sixteen data collection teams each team contains one female data collector and one data collection coordinator which were evenly distributed to data collection sites. To avoid information contamination, most of the data data from beggars and vendors were collected in two days duration.

Data was entered and cleaned in a data format in EPI info version 3. Then, data was transported Sexy men on cam live free SPSS version An internal comparison was made to assess factors associated with rape. The adequacy of the sample to run the association was checked. Proportion, percentage, ratios, frequency distribution, measure of central tendency and measure of dispersion were used to describe data.

Bivariate analysis was used to examine association between dependent and independent variables and multivariate logistic regression was applied to control for confounder Prostitute in Adigrat. CI which contains 1 was considered statistically significant. The qualitative study included a total Prostitute in Adigrat 29 participants; two male judges working in the court; one female police officer females and children protection officer ; a woman from the office of women affairs office; five victim street females for case study and 20 participants 10 street females and 10 street males for group discussion.

Participants in the qualitative study were purposively selected. Forum for street children helped us to select participants Prostitute in Adigrat key informant interview, case study and focus group discussion.

Selection of cases was made based on the result from the quantitative study. Pertaining to the qualitative study instruments, different semi structured guides were developed and applied for focus group discussions, key-informant interview and case studies. Data were collected on reasons, disclosure and process of rape, and the characteristics of males who commit rape. The guides were Prostitute in Adigrat in to Amharic language the local language to suit the respondents.

Focus group discussion among street dwellers, key-informant interviews among stakeholders and in-depth interview among victim females were applied to collect data. Data was collected by primary investigator. Identifiable information was not included on the tape. During the fieldwork, I reviewed all qualitative data while I was collecting it and were summarized and clarified to participants for validation. Transcribed data was translated into English for analysis.

Content analysis was done for summarizing the main themes from the collected data. Prostitute in Adigrat on the street, who spend most of their time on the street and who depend on the street for their life.

Females who depend on the street for their life and sleep on the street. Females who depend on the street for their subsistence, but usually return home at night.

Any non-consensual of penile penetration of the Prostitute in Adigrat whether physical force is used or not, and in this study ascertained by having non-consensual sex by the respondents at any time in their life. It is an attempt to have non—consensual intercourse but it does not end with penile penetration on the women, and ascertained with having been exposed to any unwilling sex attempt by the respondents at any time in their life.

Risks contracted secondary to rape and it include tangible and psychological risks. As rape is very much a sensitive issue, only very Prostitute in Adigrat trained female data collectors were engaged. Rape victims were linked to Family guidance association of Ethiopia for any counseling or medical service. Verbal consent was obtained. Confidentiality and privacy were highly maintained. To make the data collection secured, data collection coordinators were kept in place.

Participants were also given a compensatory fee and a chance to seek information and referral service according to the need of the participants. From a total of eligible street females identified during data the collection period, data from street females were considered for analysis yielding a response rate of The mean age of study subjects was Socio-demographic and reproductive characteristics of street females in Bahir- Dar, August, Substances in Prostitute in Adigrat case included, chat, benzene and Prostitute in Adigrat smoking.

The qualitative section which involved a total of 29 participants included: Almost three fourth Prostitute in Adigrat The median age at which they started sexual activity was 17 with mean age of Prostitute in Adigrat of the total females who started sex, 50 A total of 96


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