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We wanted to check them out and satisfy our curiosity about them, since they are often behind dark tinted windows with seductive soft lighting in front, which we found very alluring and curiosity-arousing. Both of us felt that going alone to such places felt intimidating and "out of flow" so it was easier to go together. Here are some observations and discoveries we made, which contain some disappointing ugly truths: They act like crack heads who smoke all day or Prostitute in Chiayi, and have worn faces.

Thus it's no surprise that almost all of them have very dark lighting inside. This is an obvious bad sign and means that they have something to hide. When you see most of the women there, you understand why - most of them are repulsive or ghetto-like, and so to minimize their unattractive Prostitute in Chiayi, they have to reduce the lighting to the bare minimum.

Prostitute in Chiayi, I don't know if this Prostitute in Chiayi tactic really works or not, since I can still tell what they look like with dim lights, especially if I get up close to them.

But it's kind of stupid, because it makes the intention obvious and is an obvious bad sign. When I confronted them about it though, they deny it, but come on now, some things are too obvious. Anyhow, if this tactic works, it must work on the lowest type of Taiwanese guys who have no standards.

Usually Taiwanese guys are very picky about looks and only Prostitute in Chiayi young innocent thin types of girls. So I can't imagine that even low class Taiwanese guys would have no standards.

The ladies often look Prostitute in Chiayi than what the manager tells you, or at Prostitute in Chiayi their worn out rugged appearance made them look older, I don't know. But you get a lot of disappointments here, especially since 80 percent of the girls Prostitute in Chiayi Taiwan are cute or good looking, yet the massage ladies are often Prostitute in Chiayi from among the 80 percent of attractive females in Taiwan.

My friend called this a deceptive "bait and switch" tactic. The above was bad enough, but this kind of "bait and switch" deception only made it worse. Gee, how bad can it get? After all, why would she dress so sexy and look so hot if she herself wasn't available?!

That's kind of stupid and only leads to disappointment. Is that really good for the business of the place? Are they that desperate and low?! You can't just check out the ladies who work at the Girl nude in Bonao parlors in the lobby, or in a lineup. They always insist on you going upstairs to a dark bedroom, where you wait for each ghetto looking hag with bad Prostitute in Chiayi to come in one at a time so that you have reject them one at a time, all under very dim lighting.

It's a very time consuming process and inefficient, and goes against common sense. It'd be much quicker and efficient to just do a lineup like other countries do. This process also has a somewhat inconsiderate and seedy feel to it. It's another negative con of the Taiwan "pay for play" scene. To my surprise, there were quite a few of these places, but only a few of them had young pretty girls in them. However, when the girls that worked there walked by, they would not smile or make eye contact with us.

Instead, they were cold and aloof. Only the Prostitute in Chiayi that worked there would talk to us and try to answer our questions about how things worked there. I tried my best to wave and smile and say hi to the KTV girls to get a response, but Prostitute in Chiayi mostly ignored us and walked away.

Gee, you'd think that girls who were paid hostesses would be more friendly than that?! They seem to operate on bizarro Prostitute in Chiayi. Do they think that being cold and antisocial is going to get customers to go in and spend money?!

Taiwanese girls never made any sense to me. They are like from a different universe. Some are really nice and sweet, and those I usually meet by accident, but most of them are quite cold and uptight, especially if they are attractive. I forgot to bring my spy camera. If I had it, I could have filmed them being cold and turning away from me as I tried to greet them, so you could see what I mean.

I guess many Taiwanese females are like that. Not all, but many are. Sadly, in Taiwan the more attractive the girls are, the more cold and unfriendly they are, and the less attractive they are, the more easy going and friendly they are, which SUCKS and is one of the major drawbacks of Taiwan, though it's taboo to mention it.

Prostitute in Chiayi don't get me wrong. There are a lot of friendly people in Taiwan who smile and are cheerful and helpful and polite. But it seems that Prostitute in Chiayi any good looking young tall skinny girl there will be totally self-absorbed with no social skills Prostitute in Chiayi which sucks if you are a guy.

In short, the better looking a girl in Taiwan is, the LESS friendly she is, while the worse looking she is, the more friendly she is - which sucks if you are a guy who likes hot girls.

But for some Prostitute in Chiayi it is politically incorrect to complain about this, as if you aren't supposed to. This is very true, but very taboo to mention for some reason. I don't know why. It's like it's obvious, but you aren't supposed to talk about it. The prices at KTV's were also complicated and seemed kind of high.

The guys who worked there kept quoting partial prices rather than the cost of everything altogether, as if they were trying to spin it to sound lower than it was, which made me hesitate even more.

I don't know if they were trying to spin the prices to sound lower, or if they just had bad communication skills. After some prying, my friend told Prostitute in Chiayi that it would be several thousand NT for the girls, table, and drinks. However, the door guys kept it vague and only mentioned the NT per girl fee. Perhaps they do that on purpose. Overall though, I felt that I wouldn't get my money's worth there, so we didn't try them out. Plus a lot of trip reports on the internet say that Taiwan KTV's are overly priced and try to rip you off, so I had a lot of skepticism going in in the first place.

It seems that they try to charge a lot in return for very little value or low quality entertainment. A lot of places won't even let you see the girls Prostitute in Chiayi work there. I guess Taiwan is just not good for "pay for play" as I've often heard. Simply put, Taiwan is good for getting "hot food" but not for getting "hot girls". Also, some of Prostitute in Chiayi small pubs only had old hags that looked badly worn.

I don't know what they are thinking, it's like they expect us guys to have no taste or standards? That's another thing - I felt like I was often treated as if I was a guy with no tastes or standards in women.

To me, that felt kind of inconsiderate, as well as a lack of common sense on their part. I can't understand it. Maybe such places only cater to alcoholic guys who just want to drink, not to guys looking for "hot girls". That's the impression Prostitute in Chiayi got. But I just don't like their style at all. I have seen nicer pub places in Taichung though with attractive hostesses, when I went with my buddy Rock. But in Chiayi, they were kind of disappointing.

However, her attitude was kind of shitty this time, as though she had become Prostitute in Chiayi and angry toward life, and developed a bad temper as well. I had a hard time climaxing, esp since I wasn't in the mood anyway. But her body was sexy and hot and felt good at least.

It was a nice big Thai massage place with a fancy decor. Prostitute in Chiayi girl who gave me an hour massage was a very cute girl from China, who during the massage, kept hitting on me and dropping hints that she was interested in pursuing a relationship with a guy like me.

I don't know if she was serious or if it was all an act to get me to come back, but she was very cute and sweet and I liked her a lot. She did leave me her number though. I'll post the picture I took with her sometime. She claimed to Prostitute in Chiayi single, but someone told me Prostitute in Chiayi a girl from China can only live in Taiwan if she's married to a Taiwanese, so I don't know. Last edited by Winston on August 13th,9: Your story remind me the huge difference i saw in Laos compared to Thailand.

The P4p compared to Laos is way above,regarding the mood of the girls,the prices and more. In Laos prostitution is forbidden. There is a huge influx of people from Vietnam and is a one state communist country. No other political party is allowed. They don't have the fiesta vibes like in Thailand. So how prostitution is done there? Well you can find prostitutes freelancing in disco. You can count on the fingers of your hand the numbers of discos in Vientiane. You will end up seeing the same women days by days.

Girls are stucked up compared to Thailand.


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