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Subscribe to Mailing List. See locations and dates here. Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to Latin America, Mexico, or Central America. The women in my region are for me the most beautiful of Mexican women. The girls from our branch there at my company flirted with me and also the hotel receptionist did the same I did it too but did not went too far as I am married and not cool Prostitute in Guadalajara go to risky territory.

To make matter short, I have easy game in my region as I am from there, but I know Mexicans from other regions sometimes have a hard time getting game there. Has anyone visited Guadalajara? What you think of us Tapatios people from Guadalajara? Was it easy to do game in Guadalajara? I am interested in your experiences. Find Your Foreign Sweetheart Now!

Hello, mates I just came back two weeks ago from my native Guadalajara in business trip for my company. I was there for about a week. I stayed at a hotel in the Zona Rosa, or the "pink zone", which is a Prostitute in Guadalajara hip, commercial area of the city. I will recommend the Royal Reforma Hotel hotelroyalreforma. Bars, clubs and restaurants were plentiful within a 3 block radius. Also, a fully nude gay strip joint for any homosexual readers.

Beautiful architecture in the downtown area for the sightseers. I did not see any stunners, but there were a lot of very cute, young Prostitute in Guadalajara who seemed very Prostitute in Guadalajara and feminine. I think a young guy would do well to find a girlfriend here. There's certainly no shortage of promising girlfriend material. For the older readers, apparently Prostitute in Guadalajara here is legal?

Perhaps Tapatio can confirm this. My driver you can take the subway around town, but I think a private driver is worth paying for pointed a number of prostitutes who were busy advertising their wares in crowded commercial areas.

It was kind of strange to see families and young kids walking past provocatively clad "ladies of the day". And they were by no means the "hideous creatures" that Ladislav ran into, in Managua. These Mexican hookers were easily 6's and 7's and could be had for 20 bucks a throw, or so I was Prostitute in Guadalajara. Didn't mean to hijack your Prostitute in Guadalajara Tapatio, so I'll stop here.

I know this is a thread on Guadalajara, but I'll put up a brief post on my visit to Mexico City. People are polite, I let my girlfriend do most of the talking when I'm out with her, though. I have slightly dark features Prostitute in Guadalajara to most white American guys most people guess me to be Italian and speak passable Spanish, so I don't stand out like an obvious American tourista.

When people have figured out that I was American, some were friendly, but some also seemed a little cold, like kind of wondering why an American guy would visit Guadalajara, why I'm with a Mexican girl, etc. My girlfriend's family are happy, down-to-earth people, but they're from the South.

Overweight people are also common, Mexico and the USA are rivals in this category. My girlfriend is a brown Mexican girl, but middle Prostitute in Guadalajara and college educated, her style is kind of a mix of hipster clothes jeans, converse all-stars and traditional Mexicana dresses, make up, jewelry.

She has male gay friends, and they dress super metro, jajaja. I forgot to mention, I also love Los Colomos. Beautiful park, very peaceful. Yes, the bums in L. Last edited by MattHanson on March 22nd,5: I visited Guadalajara last October, and the metropolitan area Prostitute in Guadalajara spread out.

Plus, traffic there can be horrendous Prostitute in Guadalajara times. However, it has much better public transportation than in most US cities. Now, regarding the difficulty meeting people Prostitute in Guadalajara socializing, I found it to be the most difficult in Zona Centro, whereas people were more open at the U de G campus and on Avenida Prostitute in Guadalajara. I can understand Tapatios being closed off due to the strong Catholic vibe. I also saw with my own eyes Prostitute in Guadalajara Guadalajara is becoming more Americanized.

In a lot of places, there were young people constantly glued to their smartphones. One hot girl, as Prostitute in Guadalajara left her workplace, immediately put her earbuds in.

Then I met people who were workaholics and didn't have a good work-life balance. Mexico's Prostitute in Guadalajara cities are apparently importing the workaholic lifestyle from the US of Gay and perhaps from first world Asia.

The fast paced lifestyle and smartphone addiction were other reasons why meeting people in Guadalajara was tough. Now I'm Prostitute in Guadalajara to contrast Guadalajara with Guanajuato City. Guanajuato is A LOT slower paced. Building social circle was way easier compared to GDL and I keep in touch with many of my friends in Guanajuato to this day. And the place is the most peaceful I've been to in Mexico. As far Prostitute in Guadalajara people being open vs.

Tapatio women are stereotyped as very beautiful physically, fun to be with, take relationships seriously, and flirt Prostitute in Guadalajara a classy manner. Tapatios despite we belong to the Prostitute in Guadalajara largest city in Mexico, Guadalajara always had a provincial mentality and a class conscious mentality.

Los Altos is somewhat different from Guadalajara in that people are even more closed off and introverted than in Guadalajara, not to mention more religious and much more provincial. Guadalajara, Mexico and their women Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to Latin America, Mexico, Prostitute in Guadalajara Central America. October 15th,9: June 3rd, Somewhere Near Chicago Re: Cheers My girlfriend is from Guadalajara, although she's a transplant originally from Oaxaca.

Very cool, very "Mexican" city. I like the city center and Guadalajara Cathedral. Great shopping, food, architecture is a nice, rugged mix of mostly colonial and modern.

Beautiful countryside areas like Ajijic and Tapalpa are also nearby. My gf's neighborhood is pleasant. Traffic is annoyingly bad, though. Infrastructure could use some upgrades. Bus service is very efficient though. I wish Prostitute in Guadalajara US cities were as centrally-planned with good public transport as Guadalajara. Major US cities are endless sprawl, and still pretty bad traffic even into some of the outer suburbs.

People seem friendly for the most part. I've gotten a few weird stares, but most people don't notice me since I'm with my girlfriend, they assume I'm just a white Mexican. There are very few American or other foreign tourists around, save for Ajijic. I notice there's a somewhat old-school attitude Prostitute in Botosani the people in Guadalajara, though. Have heard anecdotes that it's one of the more race-y cities in Mexico.

University of Guadalajara is hip, but maybe too hip. Lots of pot-smoking hipsters and homosexuals, it's sort of a Prostitute in Guadalajara version of Portlandia. There are some attractive looking white and mestizo women in the areas I've been to, but also lots of ordinary, dumpy-looking women not unlike the hood rats you see in Los Angeles, Chicago Overall, a very cool experience. I've been to the Mexico Prostitute in Guadalajara International Airport and saw more slim, stylish young ladies in the terminal during my 1 hour layover than I've probably seen in the United States in the past 2 years.

Top Tapatio89 Freshman Poster Posts: Your girlfriend lives in Guadalajara, but she is not from there. She is a Southern Mexican, not a tapatia woman from Guadalajara. I say this because we get many people from Southern Mexico and Bajio region Guanajuato, Michoacan, Aguascalientes that move to Guadalajara.

Southern Mexico they are very different from us tapatios culturally, racially, and in mentality. Bajio people culturally and racially we are practically the same as they also have the charro culture like us, reserved, introverted personalities and quite religious as well. Yes, in Guadalajara, we are pretty old school in our attitudes and do not let very easy outsiders inside our circle. That is why you got those stares. And yes, we do look down on the Brown Mexicans with Indigenous blood as we are mostly Euro-mestizos and a good number are caucasian too as people of DF and Prostitute in Guadalajara Mexico are short, stocky, with mostly Indigenous features.

University of Guadalajara is cool for me. Yes, there are many hipsters and gay people in my city, as well as fresas Prostitute in Guadalajara have both fresa and hipster friends.

I am a weird combo of fresa and nerd from what they have told me For me, women from Guadalajara are the most beautiful Prostitute in Guadalajara all Mexico. Centro and Cathedral are indeed quite beautiful. Did you tried tortas ahogadas? Did you liked it?


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