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Don't have an account yet? Get the most Prostitute in Navajoa of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Growing up on the Navajo reservation in northeastern Arizona, little boys play basketball, torture Prostitute in Navajoa younger sisters, and try to emulate their fathers. Not much has changed for Everson since elementary school.

Two years ago, at 15, Everson got his own cosmetics, accentuating his pouty, pink lips with a thick border of lip liner. He grew his hair long, plucked his eyebrows pencil-thin, and started wearing clothes made for teenage girls.

Now, as "Francessica," a Prostitute in Navajoa doe-eyed, pre-op male-to-female transgender with a bony frame and wavy black hair, living with her parents and six siblings just north of Window Prostitute in Navajoa, Arizona, she turns tricks with straight guys on the "rez. But Francessica prefers to hitch rides with truckers heading west on Interstate 40, all the way to Los Angeles, where she can spend a couple weeks making three times as much as she does Prostitute in Navajoa the Navajo Nation.

She goes back home the same Prostitute in Navajoa, to a family she says is apathetic and cold. They refused to talk for this story. Francessica wants to move to Prostitute in Navajoa big city where other Native American "T-girls" work the streets, like Albuquerque, Denver, Minneapolis, and especially Phoenix, Prostitute in Navajoa she's finished with high school.

Her transgender friends, Demetria and Alisa formerly Donovan and Darrelvon, respectively; all three asked that only their first names be usedplan to do the same. Demetria graduates in May from Many Farms, a boarding school about an hour away from her parents' house in the village of Sawmill.

Alisa's got another year after that. All three say they want a college education. But they've resigned themselves to working on the street to make ends meet. Being raised on the reservation -- where comparisons to the Third World are apt until you notice the satellite dishes and new Ford Fs -- has made them despondent and reckless.

The Navajo Nation is littered Prostitute in Navajoa dilapidated houses, squeezing families of a dozen or more into two-bedroom shanties falling apart from the foundation up. DirecTV gets disconnected fast, and the new trucks are often repossessed not long after they're purchased.

There's no gaming on Navajo land, to mitigate the financial circumstances -- although it's coming in the next year or two -- but there is an under-the-table economy: Alcoholism and drug abuse are rampant, even though the rez is "dry," with liquor possession and distribution having been outlawed here since If the girls can't score booze from the bootleggers, they pursue other options.

And, of direct consequence to girls like Francessica, Demetria and Alisa, while the Navajos as well as most other North American tribes once respected and revered transgenders -- medicine men used to refer to them as "chosen people" who could share their wisdom living as both a man and a woman -- that romantic folklore of ubiquitous tolerance is no more.

They hate me," she says. Compounded, conditions on the rez make the girls they call themselves "queens," "TGs" or "T-girls" flee for the mean streets of Phoenix, where they believe urban attitudes will treat them more kindly -- and profitably. There are some who have Prostitute in Navajoa there already, who made that long journey from the reservation to the city.

They, too, heard older queens "glam it up a bit," says Crystal Mattias, a Tohono O'odham transgender who worked as a prostitute for four years. She's now an administrative assistant at a medical clinic in San Carlos, on the Tohono O'odham reservation near Tucson. You get your spirit stepped on. Even worse, some have been shot, stabbed and beaten to death. Two confirmed murders Prostitute in Navajoa few years ago -- and rumors of more, according to some girls who used to work on Van Buren -- have scared many off the street.

And a local Native TG outreach agency -- the only one in the country -- has given others some small hope that there are Prostitute in Navajoa besides working as prostitutes.

A Native American transgender beauty pageant earlier this month rallied support for the queens, even from the mainstream gay community, which in the past hasn't exactly co-existed harmoniously with the T-girls. One former bartender at a Date for monday in Magelang Phoenix gay bar says the staff used to refer to the Native American queens as "WeHopis" -- "as in, 'We hoping we can Prostitute in Navajoa a ride home,' or, 'We hoping we can get laid,'" he says.

The jokes turned into violence, and, according to Phoenix police, there Prostitute in Navajoa been dozens of reports of assaults and threats between gay men and the Native American TGs in the past several years. The action's calmed considerably, as the TGs have left the streets.

But just as the project is making headway, it could be shut down by the end of the year. A large chunk of the project's federal grant money expires on December Which is bad Prostitute in Navajoa for girls like Francessica, Demetria, Alisa, and other Native American transgenders emerging from their fractious homes back on the rez and migrating to Prostitute in Navajoa, looking for something better. Transgenders have a long, celebrated history in Navajo culture.

That much is Prostitute in Navajoa upon by Tribal Council members and anthropologists alike. Wesley Thomas, an anthropology professor at Indiana University-Bloomington, has written a half-dozen essays on Native American gender and sexual identity, published in academic journals from institutions including UCLA and the University of Illinois.

As a Navajo born and raised on the reservation in Crownpoint, New Mexico, Thomas' focus has been the historical and present-day role of transgenders in Native American culture, particularly his own tribe. While he's found that most every other American tribe has issues with homophobia and intolerance for Prostitute in Navajoa own transgenders, who just like Navajos are moving to urban areas "looking for safety and security," Thomas says it's the Navajo Nation that is least tolerant.

Thomas, who is gay but coyly says that's not a term used in his culture, is well-known and largely disliked in Prostitute in Navajoa Rock and throughout the Navajo reservation. Most of the politicians and medicine men familiar with Thomas vehemently disagree with his interpretation of the history of transgenders in Navajo society.

Navajo male-to-female transgenders were once referred to as "nadleeh," which literally means "a constant state of change. They've also been known as "two-spirits," a convenient Western term that became popular -- Prostitute in Navajoa least academically -- in the s. The story of the nadleeh originated not long after Navajo Prostitute in Navajoa. First Man and First Prostitute in Navajoa, the Navajo version of "Adam and Eve," were separated by a river, as the story goes, after a disagreement between the two over women's liberation.

Each gender kept to its own side of the river, and after some time, men were forced to appoint some of their own to perform the so-called duties of women, such as cooking and cleaning.

Soon thereafter, both genders looked for other options to keep themselves Prostitute in Navajoa sexually. Women turned ears of corn into primitive dildos. Men, on the other Prostitute in Navajoa -- according to Thomas -- turned to one another, and to the nadleeh, who were already acting as women.

Thomas says almost every North American tribe has at some point had its own version of the nadleeh. Until Prostitute in Navajoa early 20th century, that is, as those living on the reservations began assimilating to Western ideals, and Christian missionaries found the rez Prostitute in Navajoa be fertile ground for converts. But many Native Americans, Thomas says, especially Prostitute in Navajoa in the Prostitute in Navajoa Nation and local Pima tribes, deny that transgenderism Prostitute in Navajoa played a significant historical role in their cultures.

Deschine Prostitute in Navajoa a former Navajo tribal councilman, who lost his bid for another go-round as Prostitute in Navajoa president of Fort Defiance a small community just north of Window Rock in and now serves as an adviser to the Tribal Council's Human Services committee. Just doors down from the Tribal Council chambers, where various committees and councilmembers are meeting on a Monday afternoon, the topic at hand kept Deschine talking for nearly two hours.

He goes on to declare that Thomas is nothing more than a "nadleeh activist who thinks the nadleeh deserve some special privilege. Deschine -- who refused to be photographed for this story -- then proceeds to draw a diagram on a dry-erase board illustrating, with stick figures, "what really happened" between First Man, First Woman and the Prostitute in Navajoa. He explains the division of First Man and First Woman almost identically to Thomas' thesis, even saying that the "nadleeh went across the river with the males," but adds the caveat, " supposedly.

Well, Best Prostitute in Milan not true. The nadleeh today are just trying to find a spot in our society, and I refute that. Prostitute in Navajoa society has one. There is no way that a Navajo man would have sex with a nadleeh.

We're not that idiotic. We're not a backward community. Anderson did not respond to repeated phone and e-mail requests for an interview. The law officially bans gay marriage and civil unions within the boundaries of the reservation. Deschine makes a point to mention that the tribal law prohibiting Prostitute in Navajoa has been upheld, as well. He says there was an era between creation and women's liberation that Navajos rarely speak of -- a "time of disease and death in our culture" -- Prostitute in Navajoa he wonders aloud if the nadleeh were responsible.

He also blames recent diagnoses of HIV on the reservation on the nadleeh, specifically girls like Francessica who have unprotected sex with supposedly straight men -- men whom Deschine contends likely don't know she's actually male.

Morgan, in his second term as Speaker after winning Prostitute in Navajoa last November, is torn. They can still hold hands, they can sit in the park together, and go to movies together. Morgan volunteers that he has a nephew "that probably plays a [transgender] role.

They Prostitute in Navajoa even have enough money to fix potholes, and they're worrying about gay marriage. For the past few years, Native American T-girls have been afraid to work the streets of Phoenix. Most have assimilated to working in the sex trade via the Internet or escort agencies.

As many as 30 of them a day. Many, like Tionne, a slender year-old Navajo with almond-shaped eyes, continues to work off and on as a prostitute. She rattles off the names of friends she says have been murdered -- either shot, stabbed or beaten to death.

Many of the girls who work on the street attend weekly group meetings organized by the project, and get tested for HIV and other STDs. The outreach coordinator for the Native American Pathways Prevention Project, Trudie Jackson, as well as Tionne and five other queens who attend the weekly meetings and asked that their identities not be revealedtold New Times that they, too, knew of the same girls being murdered while working Van Buren.

Unfortunately, the girls only knew each other by their street names and Prostitute in Navajoa have exact dates for the murders, making it impossible to even Prostitute in Navajoa for police reports. A search Prostitute in Chachoengsao recent transgender deaths through the medical examiner's office was fruitless, because victims are not listed as their chosen sexual gender, but rather by Prostitute in Navajoa one to which they were born.

Cliff Jewell, a Phoenix police homicide detective, agreed to search a database of all hate crimes from the past 10 years for New Timesbut by press time had been unable to find any possible matches for the homicides Jackson, Tionne and others described.

In fact, Phoenix police were only able to provide reports on two confirmed homicides. But just those have been enough to scare most of the TGs off the street, if not entirely out of the sex trade. On March 4,two City of Phoenix sanitation workers were driving down an alley north of Thomas Road on 18th Street when one of them noticed the lifeless body of Alejandro Lucero hunched over in an alcove.

Lucero was a year-old Hopi transgender. Months earlier, according to police reports, he'd moved to Phoenix from Prostitute in Navajoa, New Mexico. He moved in with his brother, Lorenzo, also a transgender, and they were living together in a central Phoenix apartment. When the sanitation workers discovered Alejandro Lucero's body, he was dressed in a woman's blue tank top, a strapless padded bra, "low rider" jeans, and blue thong panties. It wasn't until forensic investigators showed up almost an hour after Prostitute in Navajoa body was discovered that police realized Alejandro was not, in fact, a woman.

At the conclusion of an autopsy the next day, when Lucero was "found to have abrasions and contusions to the lower left edge of his jaw, down the left side of his neck and on the upper left portion of his chest," the medical examiner determined that Lucero had died from strangulation and blunt-force trauma.

Raymond Soos -- known on the street and to friends as "Amy" Prostitute in Navajoa was different. On February 16,just weeks before Lucero's murder, Soos hopped into a stranger's car for the last time. Phoenix police determined that Soos, after a night in downtown Phoenix, was picked up somewhere near the former Cruisin' Central a Nasty woman in Liechtenstein bar that has since moved to Seventh Street, and is now known as Cruisin' 7theither turning a trick or just looking for a ride back to her home on the reservation just south of Casino Arizona.


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