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The materials and data shall be obtained upon requested to the corresponding author. The life and health of street children is becoming a global concern. Street children are vulnerable to a variety of problems including physical, Prostitute in Nekemte and sexual exploitations as well as social isolation. Therefore, it was the purpose of this study to point out the experience of sexual and physical exploitation and its determinant factors among street children in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia.

A phenomenological qualitative Prostitute in Nekemte was conducted from March to June in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Data were collected from street children by focus group discussion FGD and in-depth interview. Open code was used to analyze data.

The transcribed note was translated. Following this coding was done. Based on a coding book, major Prostitute in Nekemte and main categories were developed and analyzed. The study has explored the life experience of street children in the city.

Thus, flee to street to search for work was the main reason for joining to a street. Street children are vulnerable to sexual and physical exploitations on a daily basis. For street children, street is the world characterized by misery deprivation, physical, verbal and sexual abuse and become daily victims of violence. There is Prostitute in Nekemte safe place for the children of on-street. Most street children are involved in all types of sex; heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual and group sex are common among themselves and out siders.

They are involved highly in transactional sex for survival. Drug use, stress and depression are common experiences. Thus, they were socially isolated.

The main challenges of living on a street are lack of basic needs, social isolation, lack Prostitute in Nekemte safety and security and being out of school are the common problems these vulnerable groups are facing.

Street children are at high risk of sexual and physical exploitation. Interventions targeting integration and reunion with families, reduction of physical and sexual exploitation, access to education, mental health promotion and reduction of drug use behavior should be taken in to considerations.

The online version of this article Street children are vulnerable to a variety of problems including physical, psychological, sexual and social isolation. Children who spend time on the street are at risk of increased aggression, hopelessness, drug use, and informal sex work [ 1 ].

Though street children are hard to count, a recent global estimate showed that nearly million street children are living in the urban and semi-urban areas [ 23 ]. The number of street Prostitute in Nekemte is increasing worldwide for various reasons [ 3 ]. Factors related to family disruption and lack of basic needs has been strongly associated with these marginalized groups of people [ 23 ]. Studies indicated that there were Prostitute in Swan Hill Children who lost their parents are at increased risk of physical, psychological, social, health, and economic problems.

Lack of Prostitute in Nekemte protection, guidance Prostitute in Nekemte support may predispose children to street life and made them highly vulnerable group [ 5 — 7 ]. In Ethiopia, over 4 million children are estimated to live under difficult circumstances of poverty and health problems. It is estimated thatchildren are taking part in street life. As many aschildren are at high risk of becoming involved in street life in Ethiopia [ 2 ].

They are prone to sexual abuse, rape, prostitution, sexual bartering and exchange, casual sex and early exposure to both heterosexual and homosexual behaviors Speed dating in monmouth county 158 ]. Thus, exploring the magnitude of sexual and physical exploitation among street children is a pivotal to address the needs of street adolescent and mitigating the negative outcomes of the growing street children population worldwide.

Therefore, it was the aim of this study to assess the experience of sexual and physical exploitations among street children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The study was conducted in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia using phenomenological qualitative study design. The phenomenological inquiry consisted of in-depth interview and focus group discussion FGD for both on and off street children.

The study was conducted from March to June Snowball and purposive sampling strategies were Prostitute in Nekemte in recruiting participants into the study.

Both FGD and in-depth interview were conducted up to the level of information saturation. Both on and off street children were participated in FGD and in-depth interview.

Semi- structured FGD and in-depth Prostitute in Nekemte guides Additional file 1 were used to explore the life experience of study subjects. Study subjects were separated into two based on their sex in Prostitute in Nekemte to get more insight of physical and sexual experience as well as factors affecting it.

All FGDs and in-depth interviews were conducted in a private place for the purpose of concentration and privacy of participants. Permission to use a tape recorder was obtained from the participants prior to actual Prostitute in Nekemte collection. Six trained BSc nurses and two supervisors who have experience in qualitative data collection have taken part in data collection.

Children on the street were those who live and work on a street without any kind of supervision from parents or relatives. They were both economically and socially dependent on a street life. Data inquiry was analyzed Prostitute in Nekemte content analysis software. Prostitute in Nekemte on a code book, major themes and main categories were developed following the research objectives and questions of the study.

Researchers identified the Prostitute in Nekemte themes and main categories of the research. After the themes and categories are identified intuiting the data was done. Analysis of data includes coding, categorizing and making sense of the essential meanings of the phenomenon.

Researchers came to understand and describe the phenomenon. Results were written by reorganizing, summarizing and quoting when needed. Ethical clearance was received from Addis Ababa University. A formal letter was written to all concerned authorities and permission was secured at all levels.

Participation in the study Prostitute in Novigrad voluntary and information that was collected from the study subjects assured confidentiality. In this study, snowball sampling strategy was employed in recruiting the study participants. Data collectors interviewed available on and off-street children throughout the data collection period which resulted in different numbers of male Women who wanna fuck in Rimini female study participants.

Of which, 46 were male and 15 were female street children. During data collection period, data collectors had registered participants who Prostitute in Nekemte in and out of school on their field notes. Based on the field note memo the number of children in and out of school were well noted.

The finding showed that there was a huge gap of schooling between on and off-street children. The result shows I want a fuck in Gentofte the number of off-street children who were in school was higher than on-street children.

A total of 41 discussants participated in FGD: A Total of 20 children participated in in-depth interview: Major thematic areas and main categories of in-depth interviews and FGDs of street children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Participants pointed that there are different factors to practice street life. Out of these, respondents Prostitute in Nekemte given stress to factors like death of the family, extended family relation destruction and poverty.

After the death of their parents, they were being on street or flee to extended family to search for daily basic needs. From their experience participants revealed that most of the time they flee to extended family.

If the relation with their extended family become unhealthy, they would be forced to join a street life. The other Prostitute in Nekemte forced them to join a street life was poverty. Respondents indicated that when their family face challenges of poverty, unable to educate and cloth their children, the children flee from home and search for jobs in the near towns. Later fled to more industrialized and urbanized cities. Prostitute in Nekemte deaths of parents were one of the main reasons forcing them to street life.

Discussants said that most of them joined street Prostitute in Nekemte after the death of one or both of their Prostitute in Nekemte. Interviewees pointed that death of their mothers was more severe and have affected their life significantly. This step mother was not friendly, she was unloving, she insults and beats me every day and she was not giving me enough food. Because of this I run away.

The FGD discussants and other interviewees also shared the same experiences. They said loss of parents was the main reason for a considerable number of children to be on street. Focus group discussants reported that most street Prostitute in Nekemte drifted to Addis Ababa and other big cities to search for a job. Some of the street children migrated to Addis Ababa hoping that they could get a better job to change their life unfortunately, the situation was quite Prostitute in Nekemte. What they experienced was not what they dreamed and expected.

Participating in manual work was common practice. Participants reported that context of living on street was hard to survive. Sexual activity among street children was common practice to survive this harsh life. On daily basis, these Prostitute in Nekemte exposed to risky sexual behaviors and positioned them under various health problems. Street children were highly involved in risky sexual behaviors in order to survive. This study shows that street children articulated experiencing sexual exploitation that could predisposed them to various health problems.

For the street children, environment does not provide protection against such vulnerability. The study also revealed that new arrivals on streets especially girls are used as sex objects by older boys and watchmen of shops at night. Mostly, such sexual relationships were for protection to the newcomers. In the case of those newcomers that refused such sexual advances, they were beaten up and chased away from that particular area of the street. From the six groups of FGD two groups reported that they have a girl friend or wife; which is an informal arrangement made by the homeless street children.


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