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In separate proceedings in the circuit court of Cook County, the defendants, Henrietta Adams and Peggy Madison, were convicted of prostitution.

Pursuant to section g of the Unified Code of Corrections, the defendants were ordered to undergo medical testing to determine whether they were carriers of the human immunodeficiency virusthe cause of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Rather than submit to the court-ordered tests, the defendants filed motions challenging the constitutionality of section g. Following a hearing, the trial Judge determined that the testing procedure represented an illegal search and Prostitute in Raba and denied the defendants equal protection.

Because the statute was declared unconstitutional, the State's appeal from that ruling lies directly to this court. For the reasons that follow, we reverse the judgment of the circuit court and remand these consolidated actions for further proceedings. Any such medical test shall be performed only by appropriately licensed medical practitioners and may include an analysis of Prostitute in Raba bodily fluids as well as an examination of the defendant's person.

Except as otherwise provided by law, the results of such test shall be kept strictly confidential by all medical personnel involved in the testing and Online sex Dating in Antigua Guatemala be personally delivered in a sealed envelope to the Judge of the court in which the conviction was entered for the Judge's inspection in camera.

Acting in accordance with the best interests of Prostitute in Raba victim and the public, the Judge shall have the discretion to determine to whom, if anyone, the results of the testing may be revealed. The court shall order that the cost of any such test shall be paid by the county and may be Looking for fwb in Socorro as costs against the convicted defendant.

The procedural facts of these consolidated cases may be stated briefly. Defendant Henrietta Adams was charged with prostitution, a violation of section of the Criminal Code of Ill. In a bench trial, Adams was found guilty of that offense and was sentenced to a term of probation.

As a condition of her sentence, Adams was ordered to undergo an HIV test pursuant to section g of the Unified Code of Corrections. In a separate proceeding, defendant Peggy Madison was Prostitute in Raba charged with prostitution. Madison pleaded guilty to the charge and was sentenced to a term of probation. The defendants refused to submit to Prostitute in Raba HIV tests and instead challenged those portions of their respective probationary orders. The matters were then consolidated for Prostitute in Raba of further proceedings.

The defendants raised a variety of constitutional grounds in support of their contention, arguing that the statute violated their rights to privacy, to freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures, and to the equal protection of the laws, as guaranteed by the United States and Illinois Constitutions U.

The parties submitted extensive memoranda on the issues, and an evidentiary hearing was held. At the hearing, Prostitute in Raba defendants presented the testimony of three expert witnesses, who questioned the utility of the testing requirement for persons convicted of prostitution. The witnesses were Dr.

These witnesses believed that mandatory HIV testing of sex offenders is ineffective and may even be counterproductive to the effort to stop the spread of AIDS, particularly among women in prostitution.

The testimony of these witnesses is discussed in greater detail later in this opinion. The trial Judge took the matter under advisement at the Conclusion of the hearing. Later, in a written opinion, the Judge ruled that the HIV testing statute violated the fourth amendment's guarantee against unreasonable searches and seizures and denied the defendants their fourteenth amendment right to equal protection of the laws.

The trial Judge did not expressly declare that the statute violated the corresponding provisions of the Illinois Constitution. The trial Judge rejected the defendants' contention that the testing requirement constituted cruel and unusual punishment under the eighth amendment. In light of his Conclusion that the testing requirement was an invalid search, the trial Judge found it unnecessary to rule on the defendants' additional contention that the statute violated their right to privacy.

Because the Prostitute in Raba Judge found the testing requirement unconstitutional, he removed it from the terms of the defendants' probationary orders.

The State has appealed the trial Judge's ruling directly to this court. We granted leave to a number of groups and organizations to submit briefs as amici curiae. The parties present two issues for our review: AIDS is a fatal illness for which there is no known cure.

AIDS can be spread through the exchange of bodily fluids, as in sexual intercourse, in the sharing of needles Naughty slutty in Peterborough intravenous drug users, during pregnancy or childbirth, and through the donation of blood, organs, or semen.

Section g does not specify a particular test to be used to determine whether the individual has HIV The testimony introduced below, as well as the medical literature and the case law, however, refer to two tests that are used in combination to determine whether a person has been exposed to the causative virus. One is the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. If the result of that test is positive, a second procedure, the Western Blot test, is then performed to confirm the initial result.

The tests do not detect the virus itself but rather the presence of antibodies created by the body in response to the virus. The tests are considered to be reasonably accurate. Because there is a latency period of variable length, during which an individual does not immediately produce antibodies in response to exposure to HIV a negative test does not necessarily mean that the Prostitute in Raba has not been exposed to the virus. The present statute took effect on January 1, A companion provision, section h of the Unified Code of Corrections Ill.

The appellate court has upheld the constitutionality of section h in People v. Together, then, sections g and h target, for purposes of mandatory testing, two major groups at risk of contracting AIDS: We note, too, that a number of other States have enacted similar laws imposing mandatory testing on persons convicted of certain offenses involving sexual misconduct. The California statute was upheld against similar constitutional challenge in Love v.

Superior CourtCal. We note at the outset the scope of the issues before us. Although section g of the Unified Code of Corrections requires testing "to determine whether the defendant has any sexually transmissible disease," we are concerned Prostitute in Raba with only that portion of the statute specifically requiring testing for HIV.

In addition, although conviction for any of a number of different offenses will trigger the testing requirement of section gthe present defendants were charged with and found guilty of only one of the enumerated offenses, prostitution.

Thus, the present cases involve only that portion of the statute requiring that persons convicted of prostitution undergo Prostitute in Raba for HIV, and we limit our Discussion accordingly. As a general principle, legislative enactments are presumed to be constitutional, and a party challenging a statute has the burden of establishing its invalidity Bernier v.

BurrisIll. Doubts concerning a statute's constitutionality will be resolved in favor of its validity. Our task here is to determine only whether the challenged legislation is constitutional, Naked clewiston girls in Witbank not whether it necessarily provides the best or most effective means of curtailing the spread of the disease.

In support of the Prostitute in Raba Judge's ruling, the defendants contend that the statutorily mandated HIV test is an unreasonable search and seizure, in violation of both the fourth amendment Prostitute in Raba the United States Constitution, as applied to the States, and article I, section 6, of the Illinois Constitution U. The defendants also contend that the statute violates the equal protection clauses of the United States Prostitute in Raba Illinois Constitutions.

Prostitute in Raba shall consider these arguments in turn. The trial Judge found that the personal intrusion required by the HIV testing Prostitute in Raba is unreasonable under the fourth amendment because the statute fails to require any individualized suspicion that the person to be tested is a carrier of Prostitute in Raba and, furthermore, because the intended social benefits of the testing mandate are outweighed by the individual privacy interests infringed by the statute's operation.

As an initial matter, we note that the challenged provision is a public health measure and thus involves a field in which the States exercise broad regulatory and administrative powers. Like other measures intended to enhance public health and community well-being, governmental action designed to control the spread of disease falls Prostitute in Raba the scope of the State's police powers.

Traditionally, the States have been allowed broad discretion in the formulation of measures designed to protect and promote public health. MassachusettsU. KohrigIll. Ingram82 Ill. StrautzIll. Thus, the broad mantle of public health does not shield such measures from all scrutiny for the police power may not be used "to violate a positive constitutional mandate.

Village of Morton Grove 7th Cir. The protections afforded by the fourth amendment are not limited to investigations of criminal conduct but may apply to governmental activities in civil contexts as well.

See New Jersey v. OrtegaU. Municipal CourtU. Thus, the governmental action challenged here, even though it is carried out for a purpose unrelated to routine criminal investigation, may still raise fourth amendment concerns.

The defendants Prostitute in Raba, and the State agrees, that the taking and testing of a blood sample from an individual pursuant to the present statute is a search under the fourth amendment.

Labor Executives' AssociationU. CaliforniaU. The test required by the statute implicates the fourth amendment in two separate respects. First, the drawing of the blood sample is itself an intrusion on the individual's bodily integrity. Second, the performance of the test on the sample also implicates fourth Prostitute in Raba interests.

Discussing a similar laboratory procedure, blood tests used to detect the presence of alcohol in a person's Prostitute in Raba, the Supreme Court has explained:. The ensuing chemical analysis of the sample to obtain physiological Prostitute in Raba is a further invasion of the tested employee's Prostitute in Raba interests.

Thus, the Prostitute in Raba authorized blood test at issue in this case is a search for fourth amendment purposes, and the governmental action in administering the test must therefore satisfy the applicable fourth amendment Prostitute in Raba if the statute is to survive constitutional scrutiny.

Accordingly, we must determine whether the intrusion mandated by the HIV testing statute is a reasonable one, when it is measured against the applicable fourth amendment standards. Prostitute in Raba a general matter, the balance that is struck between these interests Prostitute in Raba that the search or seizure be conducted pursuant to a warrant issued by a neutral magistrate upon a showing of probable Woman seeking sex in Santa Clara. New YorkU.

A warrant and individualized suspicion are not always necessary however, to sustain the validity of a governmental intrusion challenged on fourth amendment grounds.

Special governmental needs, beyond the normal needs of law enforcement, may in appropriate cases justify a fourth amendment intrusion conducted without either of those traditional safeguards. National Treasury Employees Union v. Von RaabU. Wisconsin Prostitute in Raba, U. In Skinner, the Supreme Court upheld, under the "special needs" exception, a program of mandatory suspicionless drug and alcohol testing applicable to railway employees involved in work-related accidents.

Similarly, in Von Raab, the Prostitute in Raba applied the same exception to uphold a program of mandatory, suspicionless drug testing for Customs Service employees who sought transfer or promotion to positions directly involving the interdiction of illicit drugs or to positions requiring the carrying of a Horny women in Mariehamn. Courts have also determined that mandatory HIV testing for particular persons or limited groups of persons may withstand Prostitute in Raba amendment scrutiny.

United States Department of the Army E. Municipal CourtCal. The State contends that the mandatory testing scheme at issue here, like the programs approved in Skinner and Von Raab, satisfies fourth amendment Lonely women in Al Ayn because it serves to advance special governmental needs while imposing only a minor burden on personal privacy.

To resolve this question, we must balance the importance of the State's interest to be achieved under the statute against the nature and scope of this intrusion on individuals' fourth amendment interests. The challenged statute concerns matters lying at the heart of the State's police power.


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