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On the last episode, Charo and Jill Whelan swapped lives, Charo, is a Spanish-American actress, comedian, and flamenco guitarist. She is best known for her role as Vicki Stubing, the daughter of Capt. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

Gunnar Nelson is one of the Nelson twins and says his first album was ten Wife swapping in Nelson platinum and says his family has been famous for over years. He says his dad was top selling artist Ricky Nelson and says being a rock guy is fun. He says he fled LA for Nashville and met his life Lila at one of his shows.

He moved to Vegas from LA in He owns a Girl nude in Sylhet, football team and has other interests. She says she never dated Wife swapping in Nelson rock star before like him.

They have a dog Callie who is like their child. They go out a lot and hang out with friends. Rain says you can never be underdressed and says she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Vince says whoever comes should embrace their lifestyle. On the morning of the swap, they pack. Lila is shocked by Vegas and Rain says Vince would never live out here in Nashville. Lila gets out and says it looks like car barn. Both ladies get to check out the house alone first.

Rain loves the kitchen and sees lots of ice cream so there must be kids. Lila loves their little dog Callie and carries it around.

She spots a lot of alcohol and then Rain sees construction stuff and says Vince would freak out. Lila says whoever lives here lives large. Rain spots one messy bedroom and then says she has no experience with kids. Lila says the woman looks like a model. Lila reads that Vince has been married four times and she hopes Vince puts a ring on it soon. Then Rain Wife swapping in Nelson about their marriage. Then Lila reads that Vince has a daughter two years in age away from Rain.

Rain reads that they like to DIY their house and Lila reads that the dog has to be hand fed. In Nashville, Gunnar comes home with the girls and they introduce themselves. Caitlyn likes the way Rain is dressed. Vince takes Lila away to the casino for some fun. They have the dog in the stroller with them. She thinks he needs to be less wild. The girls talk about how much they liked Gunnar from the start.

Gunnar and Brad play guitar by the fire. Lila asks Elle what it was like growing up with Vince and Elle asks before or Meet real girls in Ostrava the sex tape. Vince asks Lila if she has a sex tape and she says not on the internet. Wife swapping in Nelson Nelsons wake and have to get the girls ready for school.

Gunnar cooks breakfast while Rain makes lunches. Caitlyn comes in wearing short shorts and Gunnar says to go Wife swapping in Nelson on something twice as long.

Rain says she had a lot of freedom growing up. Vince sleeps in while Lila hand feeds Callie. Then the pet psychic shows up to see Callie and Lila thinks this whole thing is a Middle age fuck women in Imatra of money. Gunnar takes Rain out for a drive in his classic GTO. Gunnar says Rain is smoking hot and says Vince needs to take better care of her. In Vegas, Vince, Lyla and Callie go hang by the pool.

Gunnar then works on the house and says you have an emotional attachment when you do it yourself. He shows her how to hang drywall. He says his parents were always doing their own thing so he wants to be a great father. He says Caitlyn brought a guy Wife swapping in Nelson who called him dude and he kicked him out. Vince takes Lila out Fuck vip girls in Invercargill his indoor football team arena.

The girls get home from school so Rain hands with the kids Wife swapping in Nelson Gunnar plays in his studio. Caitlyn says most people are very intimidated by him. Caitlyn says she would like to wear what she wants Wife swapping in Nelson says she wishes he would trust her Wife swapping in Nelson little more. One woman asks Vince Wife swapping in Nelson sign her boobs. Lila says the women are all over him. Then the drinking starts.

He toasts to his new wife. Lila thinks Vince needs to calm down and take some responsibility. Rain says Gunnar needs to live more like a rock star. Lila wants to see less partying and more back to basics. Rain gathers the Nelsons to talk to them and Lila sits Vince down. Rain says he needs to trust the girls and let them live a little and make their own decisions. She says first is a shopping spree for the girls.

Rain says they have to get out of the house and he needs to stop living like a hermit soccer dad. Lila says Callie is his daughter and he needs to be Wife swapping in Nelson on and he will take care of her. The girls tell Pop they have to do it. Lila says they are going to relax and bond.

Lila Wife swapping in Nelson Vince to the grocery store. Vince says he ate at a hotel every night on tour. Gunnar starts to freak out over the clothes but the girls Wife swapping in Nelson thrilled. Then she takes him out for a walk and she says he should bring Rain out here. He says he takes Rain for granted and needs to change some and let her know he loves her. Rain has the Nelsons dressing up for a rock star day out. He comes out wearing leather and the girls think he looks amazing but he refuses the wig.

He says they can go party and they head out. Lila invited Elle over to help Vince cook dinner. Lila says they will supervise but he has to do it. Vince has no clue where the pots Wife swapping in Nelson pans are. Both the women are worried about him and the knife and his fingers.

Elle says she likes Lila and says cooking is bonding. Gunnar and the girls go out and Rain has a surprise for him. The girls wish him luck and go stand at the side. Then Wife swapping in Nelson ton of fans come up and ask for selfies and he says he loves the fans. Rain says look at you rockstar. Gunnar says this is a gift Rain has given their family.

Vince invited friends over to eat his meatloaf. Robin says it tastes really good. Even the dog likes it. Rain also has the girls set up to have some fun with some Wife swapping in Nelson for school while she and Gunnar sit in the next booth.

He says Rain is right and they toast to their last night together. The swap is done and they pack for him. Lila wants to sneak the dog home with her. The couples leave to meet up. The couples sit down and Rain says Gunnar is a big rock star and she found a low key wholesome home. Gunnar says Wife swapping in Nelson likes it that way. Rain says they all dressed up and she let the girls wear what they wanted and says they are good girls and they should trust them to make good decisions.

She says Gunnar let her wear Daisy Dukes. Lila says Vince is pulled all over and has a lot of distractions.


Who Is Gunnar Nelson on 'Celebrity Wife Swap'? Gunnar Nelson #GunnarNelson . Tonight on ABC Celebrity Wife Swap returns again with an all new Wednesday June 24 season 4 Episode 6. On tonight's episode, Vince Neil. He left his wife, Fanny for Emma Hamilton, one of the best known mistresses in our Nelson wrote to a naval friend: 'Until I married her I never knew .. How Meghan broke her own beauty rules by swapping cream blush and.