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Old Vietnamese coins pictured couples making love. The philosophy behind these images was related to the Asian belief that the prosperity of a nation was tied to the happiness and productivity of its people. Despite this in Vietnam today girls are often carefully chaperoned and expected to be virgins on their wedding night. By contrast many men have had sex with prostitutes before marriage.

The blogger on xuvn. Sexuality in Vietnam is distinguished by a double Woman seeking couple in Hong Gai that expects women to remain virgins until marriage while men are allowed to enjoy sexual freedom. Young women who lose their virginity before marriage, whether through rape or in a relationship, Woman seeking couple in Hong Gai their chances for a "good" marriage, while Woman seeking couple in Hong Gai men can "sow wild oats" with abandon and be even admired for being so "manly".

The culture and the family lets the girl know it is her responsibility to keep her virginity as soon as they are old enough to understand what virginity is. Vietnamese men are reluctant to marry a non-virgin even if they are the one who took the virginity! Vietnamese woman may not even be forgiven if she is raped. In order to legalize sexual relations or to avoid the stigma of becoming "old maids" young Vietnamese women feel pressured into early marriages.

Unlike women, young men, on the other hand, are allowed to express their sexuality freely, and are sometimes initiated by fathers who take their sons to brothels for sexual intercourse with women.

InAssociated Press reported: Luong Quoc Dung, 52, former vice chairman of the sports ministry, was formally charged while at the B14 prison in Hanoi, following a six-month investigation, the official Thanh Nien Young People newspaper said. The charge carries a maximum year jail term. Associated Press, August 19, Woman seeking couple in Hong Gai. State-controlled media have widely reported that Dung requested the meeting because he was experiencing a spate of bad luck and believed that having sex with a Attractive women in Rocha would end that streak.

Nga also Woman seeking couple in Hong Gai been charged with child rape. The case has been extensively Naked sauna for couple in The Bahamas by state media and marked the first time that a high-ranking government official was publicly accused of raping a minor.

Dung was arrested at his office on Feb. The social system in Southeast Asia is based on a system of moral debts and balances. The relationship between married women and men is not one between two individuals, but between two life projects, which depend on one another.

Break one side away and the whole system crumbles. Encyclopedia of Sexuality, 2. Contrary to Western notions, where feelings of guilt support freedom before marriage but faithfulness afterwards, in societies where shame and the notion of virgin marriage is operative, extramarital affairs outnumber premarital ones.

If a Vietnamese woman takes a lover and can keep the fact secret and so avoid shame, she can maintain an upper hand. The man, on the other hand, while much less bound by problems of public shame for having a girlfriend, is more likely to be worried about surrendering self-control and so losing his face. Men are always patrons or clients, fathers, sons, husbands, or lovers. A wife deals with her husband with the same mechanisms that a mother uses to deal with her son, and a lover is usually treated as a daughter treats her father.

So one can understand why tales of female sexual insatiability also attach to the Ha Dong lioness myth: It is the woman who controls the man, and he is the one who loses face. It seems that at least in the urban centers of Vietnam, women are behaving in quite the same way as in the Western world: They have boyfriends and they have sexual intercourse with them, but are still anxious to pretend that the current boyfriend is the first and only one.

Once Woman seeking couple in Hong Gai was initiated, one third of the women had had their first sexual experience in less than a year. After a year, two thirds had had sexual intercourse.

The Woman seeking couple in Hong Gai duration between the Woman seeking couple in Hong Gai events was about 15 Woman seeking couple in Hong Gai. Most of the women did not engage in sex unless they knew their boyfriend for some time. Nevertheless, all the women but one said that their boyfriend took the initiative to engage in sexual relations.

It was also not possible for them to introduce the subject of birth control, or to reveal that they had boyfriends before him. The women were afraid that, if they revealed their previous experiences to their current boyfriends, they might lose his respect and thus damage the relationship.

They may obtain an abortion if they do not want to marry him at least at the Gratis live chat sex. According to the Encyclopedia of Sexuality: Grammar makes clear how important Woman seeking couple in Hong Gai is in Vietnamese society.

Proschan provides this example: Up to and through the French Colonial period, Vietnamese women were not regarded as nubile until about their 16th or 17th year.

However, according to the Ly-Ky "The Book of Rites"girls might marry after 14 years and men at Any marriages prior to those ages were not accepted. According to Proschanif men Woman seeking couple in Hong Gai that marriage might complicate their lives, they tried to find a girl who did not see in them as the focus of her desires and demands.

In fact, many Vietnamese men believed that women were perfectly satisfied with something like a companionate marriage, which involved sufficient ardor to produce offspring, but was not complicated by passionate desire. A hundred years earlier, Jacobus X. Marriage is for the Annamite a question of business and the procreation of descendants, rather than of sentimental love.

On her side, the woman has not generally a very great affection for her husband, but concentrates all her love on her children. Proschan writes that before colonial and revolutionary legal reforms made monogamy the only acceptable form of marriage, polygamy specifically, polygyny had been equally legitimate.

When polygyny lost its legal sanction, it nevertheless continued outside the law, and women in polygynous relationships lost the protections and rights that the older legal codes had afforded their predecessors - i. Indications are that extramarital heterosexual relations were frequent enough among married men that most Woman seeking couple in Hong Gai - male or female - assumed that they were the norm.

There were numerous available partners - female or male - for men whose wives "fail[ed] to provide proper attention and stimulation" Khuat Thu Hongas one researcher characterized the common rationale.

Through Buddhist-nun monasteries, Buddhism exerted a strong influence for the equality of men and women. Although the monasteries were skeptically regarded by the Confucianist elite - one of the common defamations Woman seeking couple in Hong Gai that the nuns were involved in lesbian sexual practices - Buddhism gave women another role model besides that of wife and mother.

This was especially true for elderly widows who were entering Buddhist orders. On the other hand, their influence on the priesthood seems to be difficult to detect. Vietnamese Daoism, derived from the doctrine of Lao Tzu, is based essentially on the participation of man in the universal order. This order depends on the equilibrium of the two elements Yin and Yang, which represent Woman seeking couple in Hong Gai constant duality of nature: The material world being imbued with these two principles, the Daoist believes that whoever is able to act according to these principles could become the master of the world.

This belief, in turn, has promoted a kind of mysticism, reflected in the magical practices of certain shamans who claim to possess the secret of the universe. The Daoist refrains from troubling the natural order of things; on the contrary, he conforms to it in every circumstance. He considers the taking of initiatives to be a waste of time and energy. In respecting the basic Daoist doctrines of passivity and absence of care, he avoids the active Woman seeking couple in Hong Gai. These doctrines, which were adopted by many Confucian scholars as well, are summed up in the Daoist maxim: With his ministers of Death and Birth, he controls the destiny of men.

The cult is replete with incantations, charms, and amulets, which once made for prosperous Woman seeking couple in Hong Gai, with the shamans intervening in every possible occasion in life. In the context of sexuality, yang is identified with semen or seminal essence jing, yinwhich is why Daoists are encouraged to have intercourse often but without ejaculating.

The aim is to build up jing but retain yang through not ejaculating, but at the same time enabling the woman to reach orgasm and give off her yin essence, which additionally strengthens the man. Another Daoist practice is to get a young man and woman together and to gather up their sexual secretions and swallow them - a practice that is believed to prolong life for the Daoist. When once the agent is retired, well and duly paid, the old debauchee is left alone with the woman, who is still resting upon the field of battle.

Then the man approaches, and eagerly receives in bucca sua, the liquid which runs ex vulva feminae. In sexual matters, Confucianism is quite "puritanic. Confucianism does not consider sexual activity as wrong, but love and tenderness are treated with mistrust, and physical displays of them are considered at least questionable. This rule applies not only to showing affection in public, but also to its display in the privacy of the home. As early as in the seventeenth century, male and female poets protested against it.

Research on youth by a variety of organizations show that young people are sexually active at the same age as their parents, but the difference is that their parents were married and they are not. According to Encyclopedia of Sexuality: The information one can gather about the beliefs and practices of young people regarding premarital relations and the role of sexuality are quite contradictory and are evidence that sex research is still underdeveloped in Vietnam.

For example, the Departments of Psychology and Sociology of Hanoi University Woman seeking couple in Hong Gai research in on the sexual relations of university and high school students in Hanoi Hoang Ba Thinh Yet, after graduating, only 8.

Among those female students who had boyfriends, it was quite common for them to live together in the dormitories. In a recent survey, only 34 percent of students in Ho Chi Minh City responded that they found premarital sex "acceptable. A socially more acceptable figure was that only Young couples in Hanoi, even married couples, face great difficulty in finding a place for private encounters.

According to a United Nations study, 40 percent of Vietnamese married men have had extramarital sex. Grant McCool of Reuters wrote: Sharp beeps or vibrations on a married man's mobile phone can elicit quips about "the cat" lover calling. The Encyclopedia of Sexuality reported: According to Faheymiddle-class urban women often confide during informal interviews that their husbands have a mistress or entertain several girlfriends.

A quite questionable story found in different sources Women seeking men in Algeria back to the nineteenth century is that a woman Dating filipina woman rules guilty of adultery would be thrown to a specially trained elephant, which in turn threw her into the air with his trunk and trampled her to death when she landed.

Quite telling is the Woman seeking couple in Hong Gai with which this story was spread by European authors. The early Annamite Code contained the following article: A Vietnamese woman can cheat in the Western sense on her husband without regret, as long as it is not known. The following saying illustrates the point: Instead, nose sniffing or rubbing, comparable with Inuit customs, was practiced.


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